NWE-IP Nielsen® Watermark Encoder for IP Networks


Nielsen® Watermark Encoder for IP Networks

Ideal for broadcast and playout workflows where native IP and low latency processing are required.

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The Nielsen® Watermark Encoder IP (NWE-IP) provides peace of mind in the final stages of your signal processing chain. NWE-IP robustly solves your TV and Radio station watermarking needs in broadcast and playout workflows where native IP, Ember+ control, 2022-7 redundancy and low latency processing are required.  Whereas integrated products such as channel-in-a-box bring churn and delay caused in part by the certification uncertainty from new releases of firmware, NWE-IP avoids this entirely.

What is exciting about NWE-IP? 

  • It is the first Nielsen Watermarking Encoder produced by Ross for SMPTE 2110 IP based workflows. The transport is natively IP and NWE-IP is the first product in softGear’s product portfolio.
  • Inside the NWE-IP box, that is an Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Dell system, we have five components running on top of softGear framework.
  • We have AES-67 Receiver and Transmitter, that are basically de-packetizing and packetizing the IP streams, Audio mappers to map and group individual channels and we also have the most important component, The Nielsen Watermarking Encoder. 

  • Based on softGear™ : Modern OS-level virtualization technology allows easy scaling, migration and redundancy, giving ultimate flexibility in deployments.

  • Multiple Audio Workflows: The only 1RU standalone Nielsen Watermark Encoder for audience measurement with support for up to 4 independent AES67 streams and up to 32 audio channels

  • Reliable: NWE-IP offers a robust, path-protected, and standalone solution for your transmission needs in program playout and distributed environments.

  • 4x Nielsen® watermark encoder SID/CSID (NW/CBET) per Dell 1RU server
  • Each Nielsen encoder encodes up to 8 audio streams (1 stereo pair and/or a 5.1 surround)

  • 1RU Linux-based server platform with SLC SSD (Solid State Disk) for high reliability
  • ST 2110-30 & AES67 compliant transport
  • 48 kHz L24 audio
  • 125µs or 1ms packet time with flow containing up to 8 channels 
  • PTP AES-67 & ST-2059 profiles
  • RTP timestamp handling: source or re-stamp
  • Latency < 40ms, Full Dashboard control/upgrades, Dual 1000baseT Gigabit Ethernet
  • ST-2022-7 seamless protection switching
  • Ember+ configuration, control and alarms

Nielsen® Watermarks Encoder
SG-NWE-IP-TV-PKG Nielsen® Watermark encoder for IP Networks


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