NWE-IP Nielsen® Watermark Encoder for IP Networks


Nielsen® Watermark Encoder for IP Networks

Ideal for broadcast and playout workflows where native ST 2110 and low latency processing are required.

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The NWE-IP is a multi-program audience measurement watermarking encoder for ST 2110 television broadcast facilities. It is built upon the softGear microservice software architecture, allowing flexible scaling and Cloud portability. It fits seamlessly into modern IP infrastructure with ST 2110, 2022-7 redundancy and NMOS control.

Employing the latest watermarking technology from Nielsen, the NWE-IP accurately encodes up to 4 programs in both 5.1 and stereo simultaneously. The encoder supports both Nielsen and CBET watermarks to meet the needs of Nielsen and Numeris rating services.

The native ST 2110 interfaces integrate easily into the next-generation dematerialized broadcast data center. The NWE-IP includes dual media ports supporting ST 2022-7 hitless switching in addition to dedicated control network interfaces. You can easily configure and control multiple channels through centralized DashBoard control in addition to available Ember+ and NMOS control and connection APIs.

The NWE-IP is an on-premise appliance built on the softGear software platform. softGear provides the flexibility required to meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s broadcasters by providing software media processing capabilities built on a scalable microservice platform that is ideal for on-premise or Cloud deployment.

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  • Based on softGear™ –Modern microservice technology allows easy scaling, migration, and redundancy, giving you the ultimate flexibility in solution deployment on-premise or in the private cloud.
  • Best-of-Breed Processing – Featuring the latest Nielsen and CBET watermarking technologies.
  • AES67 / ST 2110 Connectivity – Fully compliant with AES67 and ST 2110-30 audio over IP.

  • Multiple Audio Workflows –The only 1RU standalone Nielsen Watermark Encoder for audience measurement with support for up to 4 independent AES67 streams and up to 32 audio channels.
  • Reliable– NWE-IP offers a robust, path-protected, and standalone solution for your transmission needs in program playout and distributed environments. It includes ST 2022-7 hitless switching for redundant network connectivity.
  • High Integration: 4x Nielsen® Watermark Encoder SID/CSID (NW/CBET) per 1RU server. Each Nielsen Encoder encodes up to 8 audio streams (1 stereo pair and/or a 5.1 surround).

Television ratings are the key metric used by television broadcasters to measure audience viewership for a given time, date, channel, and program. This data directly impacts your advertising revenue for a given program in a particular timeslot. It is critical to your business that this data is reliably and accurately recorded. In the United States, the dominant service provider for this audience measurement is Nielsen. In Canada, this service is provided by Numeris.

The core technology to enable audience measurement is encoding a watermark into a program’s audio, which is imperceivable to the human ear. This watermark is then picked up by receivers in a select cross-section of viewers (such as “Nielsen Families”) either connected to the TV or worn by the viewer. Data from all receivers is collected and amalgamated to provide extrapolated viewership data (or TV Ratings). The underlying technology used by Nielsen incorporates a “Nielsen watermark” and a “CBET watermark”. Numeris utilizes CBET watermarks only.

If you are migrating to ST 2110 infrastructure, you are likely seeking to utilize native IP devices wherever possible. Where native IP devices are not available, they are required to add IP gateways to interface with legacy baseband equipment at additional expense, power, and rack space. You may need to serve multiple program channels and often multiple distribution channels and geographies. The move to IP infrastructure is a step on the path to virtualize the broadcast facility into software services in private or public cloud data centers.

Of course, security, reliability, and redundancy are critical. You expect clean integration into their network environment with flexible control and monitoring APIs. You need solutions that will easily scale with your operation.

The NWE-IP delivers.

The NWE-IP consists of a 1RU server platform running the softGear microservices platform. The system may then be licensed to the needs of your application:

  • Up to 4 Nielsen Watermarking microservices
  • Redundant system / licensing available
Ordering Code Description
SG-NWE-IP-TV-PKG Nielsen Watermark Encoder fo IP
SG-HW-1000 1RU server for softGear platform
SG-IO-IP1G-2 Intel i350 connectivity card 1G
SG-SYS-CORE-1CPU-LICENSE softGear platform license for 1-CPU servers
SG-SYS-AES67-LICENSE AES67 / ST 2110-30 Transport license
SG-NWE-IP-TV-LICENSE Nielsen Watermark Encoder License (5.1 + 2.0)

All systems include a standard 1-year hardware warranty with software support.
Extended support and software maintenance options are available through RossCare+.

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