Signal Processing openGear Applications


Master Control and Branding

Built to meet the demands of 24/7 operation. A dedicated card-based solution provides complete program path protection using input bypass relays, protecting channel outputs. The hot-swap system permits a single spare MC1-MK card to replace any on-air channel card, and have all of the channel’s parameters automatically recalled to the replacement MC1-MK card.


High density, multiformat fiber solutions. Choose from a wide array of fiber modules supporting audio, video, and data signals. From basic point to point applications covering short as well as long distances, to CWDM applications for multichannel solutions, Ross has products for all requirements.

IP solutions

The Raptor Media Processing Engine is a powerful platform consisting of different modules, with more to be developed in the future, that all have one thing in common. Raptor has been designed to provide format agnostic, software defined processing for IP, Baseband, and Hybrid environments. Raptor is flexible, powerful, and scalable, which makes the platform adaptable to fit changing workflow requirements within all kinds of facilities.