QSP-8229A Quad Split


Quad Split

A single modular card that fits inside the openGear signal processing platform for viewing up to 4 inputs on a single display.

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The QSP-8229A card installed in an openGear frame provides integration with other signal processing. Up to 5 Quad Split cards can fit into a single 2RU chassis. The QSP-8229A is great for applications where a limited number of signals are required to be monitored.

The QSP-8229A is a very cost-effective solution. The four video inputs are combined into a single quad split output with configurable UMD and bordering capability. In addition to the four inputs, the QSP-8229A offers 4 independent outputs that can be configured to display either the combined quad output or pass-through of the input, with full processing control, offering additional outputs for use elsewhere.

Unique to the quad processor is passive looping inputs permitting the card to fit into any video path without the need for additional DAs. Looping is performed on the back module ensuring the signal path is not lost even when the processor is removed.

Control and configuration is through DashBoard, which provides a complete solution all under one user interface. DashBoard control permits each quadrant to optionally display a static source ID and / or borders with fully adjustable color and transparency. Each output can be triggered to display the quad split or full screen with local GPI control or remote DashBoard control. This feature is extremely useful when a full screen image is desired to verify video quality.

  • Quad image processor
  • 4 passive looping inputs available with the -R2L looping rear module
  • 4 configurable outputs, pass-through / quad split
  • Source ID labeling
  • Quadrant bordering with adjustable width, color and transparency
  • Any quadrant can be taken full screen

  • <1 frame of processing delay
  • Independent proc amp control on each output
  • Auto-detection of HD / SD input
  • Local GPI control
  • 5-year transferable warranty
  • Power: 18.4 watts

Quad Split
 Quad Split

Rear Module Suffix (ex: [model]-R2)
 Rear Module for QSP-8229A
-R2L Looping Rear Module for QSP-8229A


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