Signal Processing Series 7000 Video Distribution


Video Equalizing Amplifier
Remarkable value and excellent performance in a basic equalizing amplifier for video.

VEA-7007A Flow Diagram


  • Economical video distribution
  • 8 outputs
  • Cable equalization to 305m (1,000 ft.)
  • Supports 8281, 1694A and 1505A cable in a single DA
  • DC coupled for minimum distortion
  • Excellent ground loop hum rejection
  • Very stable over a wide temperature range
  • Cards are individually fused
  • 5-year transferable warranty
  • VEA-7007A is an alternative to the Leitch VEA-683

VEA-7007A Video Equalizing Amplifier


The VEA-7007A is an economical equalizing amplifier well suited to video distribution where the source signal is of good quality and does not require clamping correction.

The amplifier has eight outputs and provides cable equalization for up to 305m (1,000 ft.) of cable. The VEA-7007A is a Universal Equalizing Amplifier, with built-in jumper-selectable support for Belden 8281, 1694 and 1505 cable types.

The amplifier eliminates normal distribution problems such as cable high-frequency loss and ground loop hum. Because the amplifier is DC coupled, clamping is not required, thus minimizing signal distortion. This enables it to deliver eight precise copies of the original signal.