Signal Processing Series 7000 User Stories Mark K. Johnson

WANE-TV invests in RossGear signal processing

Mark K. Johnson
Engineering Maintenance Supervisor
Fort Wayne, IN

WANE-TV is the #1 rated news and information TV station in the Fort Wayne market. There are 3 stations in total operating out of the same plant including, NewsChannel 15, UPN Fort Wayne, and the Local Weather station.

I have 11 years of experience working in this industry and graduated from Purdue University Fort Wayne in Electrical Engineering Technology. I started my career in Master Control and also dabbled in production before becoming a Maintenance Engineer. The past 7 years of my career have been with WANE-TV. As Engineering Maintenance Supervisor my position involves overseeing the entire Engineering department as well as planning, designing and analyzing station equipment needs and researching and purchasing new equipment for the plant. 

Everyday we strive to deliver quality news, information and entertainment programming to our viewers. Each day brings challenges and when an error occurs, we correct it as fast as possible to ensure there are no interruptions. We are the daily technical problem solvers within our facility.

The plant had a lot of old analog equipment and we needed to modernize the facility for digital signals throughout. It was time to bring everything up to current technology and prepare for the future. As of today, we have completed a lot of installation work to modernize the plant for digital video.

WANE-TV has invested in a lot of RossGear signal processing to bring the plant up to spec. We have many SDI DA, Digital DA, Digital Analog – Converters, Digital/Audio Embedder, and Analog Audio DA’s.

The reason we selected RossGear was for the flexibility of the cards, our engineers are amazed at the capabilities of these cards. The Digital DA can also down convert to analog, 1 card can take the place of 2 pieces of equipment. This offers more value for our investment instead of buying two individual components, now we only need to buy one card. As is the case with most broadcasters we are constantly searching for cost efficiencies.

When we did our research to make the appropriate investment, we found RossGear to have the features, flexibility, and the right price. In some cases other similar products were more expensive. We did deal with Sigma for signal processing for the old analog DA’s and now those particular DA’s are no longer available on the market. 

We have had great success with Ross. We simply installed the cards and never had to worry about them again. There have been no issues fixing or replacing the cards. The installation was easy and on time and we have purchased additional frames and cards.

The performance of the RossGear signal processing for video distribution, converting back to analog and embedding/de-embedding audio in SDI signals has been excellent. Having any type of problem is very rare and I can’t remember the last time, although human error can occur.

Ross’ sales and support is excellent, Dave Westermann, Regional Sales Manager, Great Lakes Region, has been very helpful, giving us very informative recommendations. If he didn’t have the answer to my questions, he would find out and get back to me right away. We are also very pleased with the service from Duncan Video, our local dealer.

Overall RossGear has improved our production abilities quite a bit and added flexibility to our video router system. The router does not automatically convert from digital to analog or analog to digital. However, the outboard digital to analog and analog to digital conversion supplied by RossGear has opened up more possibilities. We saw the value in purchasing 1 card to do the job verses 2 cards and have saved space and sometimes space is worth more. 

Our plant is always changing and upgrading equipment, in future we’ll be investigating HD signal processing. Ross Video plays an important role in our conversion needs.