Signal Processing Series 8000 Video Distribution & Monitoring


SDI Component Monitoring and Reclocking Amplifier
A convenient and cost-effective solution to signal distribution and picture monitoring requirements in SDI systems.

CMA-8011A Flow Diagram


  • Four NTSC or PAL analog monitoring outputs
  • 4 output serial reclocking DA
  • Input equalization for up to 305m (1,000 ft.) of cable
  • Excellent chroma modulation accuracy
  • Cable equalization for monitor outputs
  • Input level / strength detection
  • 5-year transferable warranty
  • An alternative to the Leitch VSM-6804 / VSM6800+
  • Fits Ross 8000 series and Leitch 6800 series frames
  • Power: 3.3 Watts

CMA-8011A SDI Component Monitoring and Reclocking Amplifier


The CMA-8011A provides four composite analog monitoring outputs and can work in either NTSC or PAL environments. In addition to monitoring the digital signal, the CMA-8011A also outputs four reclocked SDI streams. The SDI input has an exceptionally good cable equalizer that will give error-free performance with up to 305m (1,000 ft.) of Belden 8281 cable.

The CMA-8011A addresses high-quality image monitoring requirements by converting the 8 MSb’s of the SDI signal to analog composite video. To achieve a low artifact video output, it uses a 10-bit DAC with a 10MHz bandwidth.

The CMA-8011A has several user-selectable settings. Some of the available modes are: monochrome monitoring outputs, 75% color bar test pattern and vertical interval blanking.

Of special interest on the CMA-8011A is the inclusion of an adjustable analog cable equalizer for the output monitoring signal. This adjustment can be set to equalize up to 90m (300 ft.) of Belden 8281 cable, thus ensuring that the monitoring signal is delivered to the destination without signal loss.

The CMA-8011A has card-edge LED indicators to confirm adequate SDI input signal strength and to indicate monitoring conversion errors.