SRG-4500 Master Reference and Test Signal Generator


Master Reference and Test Signal Generator

The SRG-4500 is a reliable, fully featured reference generator. It is the ideal choice for supplying the reference timing and test signals needed in today’s complex broadcast facilities. The PTP option brings drop-down configuration support for ST 2110 and AES67 profiles to build your IP or Hybrid SDI network. Put Ross’ reputation for reliability in charge of your network.

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The SRG-4500 supplies the reliability needed in modern facility timing systems by shipping standard with hot swappable dual power supplies which are accessible from the front panel. The SRG-4500 is designed to run as a standalone master or under an external reference input.

When reliability is critical and you need a backup master reference, the ACO-4500 auto changeover unit complements the SRG-4500. It is user configurable to monitor and changeover analog video, SDI video, timecode and AES/EBU digital audio signals.

Quickly setup your PTP network and avoid downtime using pre-loaded ST2059-2 and AES67 profiles for reliable synchronization and an unshakable master reference

Future Proof

Build synchronized IP media networks using the PTP option. It provides unshakable ST 2110 and AES67 network references, full compliance to IEEE1588 and support for GPS, digital or analog references

Bridge your SDI equipment to IP with PTP Follower providing analog and digital references locked to your network timing

Invest in a complete master reference platform and activate features when you need them through simple software options for GPS, UHD, PTP, and sNTP.


Control your SRG-4500 directly using the front control panel or remotely with Ross’ DashBoard network control protocol

Design the system you need using PTP (Precision Time Protocol), sNTP (Network Time Protocol), GPS time synchronization, and UHD Quad link outputs.

Support mixed format facilities with independent timing generators each capable of driving a unique frame rate and offset.

Generate all the required reference timing signals needed to precisely time complex broadcast facilities, including: PTP Grandmaster and Follower, Black Burst, Tri-Level Sync, Word Clock, and DARS. The SRG-4500 also provides timecode generation delivered through dedicated LTC outputs or embedded VITC through analog and ATC on SDI video outputs.

Powerful test signal generator provides a wide selection of test patterns in an array of formats. Patterns include motion and text identification slates. Audio test tones are embedded in SDI pattern outputs and provided on discrete analog and AES outputs.

Design and Deploy

Verify the signal chain and remote links using 4 independent 3G-SDI pattern generators, each providing pattern, black and moving ID slate outputs. Each output is embedded with user-selectable test tones and ATC. With the UHD option, generators produce quad-link UHD patterns in either 2SI or Quad-Division multiplex formats.

  • IEEE1588 compliant with built-in ST2059-2 and AES67 profiles
  • PTP Grandmaster with GPS or reference input sync
  • PTP Follower with complete reference output generation
  • 4 independent pairs of Black-Burst / Tri-level Sync Reference output
  • 4 independent pairs of 3G/ HD/ SD SDI Black and Test Pattern Outputs (with embedded audio) including idents and motion
  • 2 independent pairs of UHD Quad link SDI Black and Test Pattern Outputs, supporting 2SI and Square-Division multiplexing (optional)

  • AES digital audio outputs
  • Composite analog video Test and Black outputs
  • DARS (Digital Audio Reference) outputs
  • LTC Outputs
  • Word Clock outputs
  • sNTP Time Synchronization (optional)
  • GPS Time Synchronization (optional)
  • IP Based Control and Monitoring via DashBoard
  • One year warranty

Inputs (BNC) 75 Ω looping reference
10 MHz terminating reference
Outputs (BNC) 2 Analog Color Black
2 Analog Composite test
6 Color Black/Tri-Level (3 independent pairs)
8 3G/ HD/ SD SDI Color Black with embedded silence (4 independent pairs)
8 3G/ HD/ SD SDI Test Patterns with embedded tone (4 independent pairs)
1 10 MHz reference output
Precision Time Protocol Grandmaster and Follower 1 Gigabit Ethernet RJ45
Balanced Audio/AES/LTC Outputs 30 pin high density connector with included breakout panel.
Unbalanced AES Audio 2 AES
Word Clock (BNC) 1 Word Clock output
Timecode Outputs 4 LTC generators
Up to 8 balanced LTC outputs
Supported Video Standards 480i/59.94 (NTSC-M, NTSC-J)
576i/50 (PAL, PAL-B)

Sync Generate with Automatic Changeover

PTP Grand Master and Redundant Follower

Leaf-Spine Network

Grandmaster System Lock Issues

PTP Follower Lock Issues

Master Reference and Test Signal Generator  
SRG-4500  Master Reference and Test Signal Generator
GPS-4500  GPS Time Synchronization option
NTP-4500 sNTP Time Synchronizing option
UHD-4500 UHD Pattern Generator Option
PTP-4500 Precision Time Protocol Option
Master Sync Generators Manuals Download
SRG-4500 PTP Troubleshooting Download
Whitepaper: Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Download
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