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TES Series Overview

TES Series products have now reached end-of-life.

For data-insertion applications, the recommended alternative is the TES-8643 openGear solution.

Please contact your Ross Sales Representative to discuss your data insertion requirements.

The TES Series is a highly flexible platform for encoding, inserting, receiving, bridging and multiplexing digital data in the vertical blanking interval (VBI) and the vertical ancillary (VANC) Television signal.

About VBI Signals

Cathode Ray tube (CRT) based TVs and computer monitors require a small amount of time for scanning circuitry to return to the top of the screen after completing scanning of the last line at the bottom. This time is known as the ‘Verical Blanking Interval’ (VBI) and is made up of non-picture (blank) lines.

About VANC

The SMPTE 334M (Vertical Ancillary Data Mapping for Bit-Serial Interface) standard defines a method of coding which allows data services to be carried in the vertical ancillary data space of a bit-serial component television signal conforming with SMPTE 292M or ANSI/SMPTE 259M.