UDC-8625A 3G / HD / SD SDI Multi-Function Format Converter


3G / HD / SD SDI Multi-Function Format Converter

A multi-function solution for Up / Down / Cross, ARC Conversion, Keying, Logo Insertion, A/B Mixing, all with audio video processing, timing, and synchronization.

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The UDC-8625A Format Converter
A feature rich 3G / HD / SD SDI converter that supports all traditional formats including 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480i, and 576i. Audio and video synchronization is combined with a signal processor, offering full control of the 16 channels of audio, with gain, invert, shuffle and sample rate conversion. Video processing offers adjustment for luma / chroma gain plus black offset with metadata processing including AFD processing and insertion. Pillar bar / letter box (wings) insertion can be achieved with the external fill signal or internally from the logo inserter. ARC configurations can be saved and recalled via GPI or DashBoard. A/B inputs can be configured to V-fade or operate in an auto fail-safe mode selecting the secondary input on failure / absence of the primary input.

The UDC-8625A Keyer 
The UDC-8625A can be operated as a keyer using the external key / fill inputs to key overtop of the PGM input. The operation can be extended to allow for mixing of the background with V-fade transitions behind the keyer by using the second background input.

The UDC-8625A Logo Inserter 
The UDC-8625A offers internal 2Gb storage for logo insertion supporting static and animated playout with support for TGA, GIF, PNG, BMP and JPG file formats.

The UDC-8625A A/B Mixer 
For downstream signal mixing the UDC-8625A offers a full audio / video mixing engine that can be configured to perform Fade-Fade, Take-Fade, or Fade-Take transitions with selectable rate control.

Combined UDC, Keyer, Logo Inserter and A/B Frame Sync 
Any combination, as required!

The UDC-8625A offers complete remote control and monitoring via the DashBoard Control System. Automation support is offered via RS-422 serial control and / or GPI combined with direct Ethernet connectivity for media transfer.

  • Up / down / cross, ARC conversion of all traditional formats 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480i, 576i
  • Audio / video frame sync with processing
       – Audio, 16 channel embedded processor: gain, invert, shuffle, sample rate conversion
       – Video, luma / chroma gain and black offset
       – Metadata with AFD processing and insertion
  • Primary / secondary fail-safe input with auto-changeover
  • Internal or external pillar bar / letter box graphic insertion
  • Ability to create and recall ARC configuration profiles
  • Keying with external key / fill inputs

  • Logo insertion with 2Gb animation store supporting TGA, GIF, PNG, BMP and JPG
  • A/B background mixing with Fade-Fade, Take-Fade, Fade-Take
  • Automation control via GPI
  • Dedicated Ethernet port for media transfer
  • 5-year transferable warranty


3G / HD / SD SDI Multi-Function Format Converter
3G / HD / SD SDI Multi-Function Format Converter

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-R2 Rear Module for UDC-8625A


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