Social Media Inception Key Features

Key Features

Designed for Social Media

Social Media and Web Publishing
To moderate and manage your social media accounts, Inception offers a rich set of publishing and approval tools. With support for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Brightcove, and others, Inception is capable of delivering tailored text, image, and video content to multiple platforms at the click of a button, with optional approval and sign-off of content based on workflow rules.

Inception Features

Scheduling and Planning
Plan your daily social media schedules, produce content in advance, and finalize approvals and any necessary sign offs long before it ever goes to social media. Schedule any social media content, photos, video, or simply text updates to run alongside broadcast content, remind fans to vote for their favorite players, or tie in the sponsor of the game.

Content Discovery and Geotargeting
Give your audience a voice, and discover great content for your productions. Inception provides a rich set of search and discovery tools for social media content, enabling quick searches and keyword monitoring. When combined with geo-targeted filters, social media becomes an excellent news-gathering tool.

Curation and Social Media Playlists
Inception provides the tools to curate inbound social media content, importing text and images into playlists for use in on-air graphics, websites, digital signage, and any other application that you can dream up. Inception helps protect you from inappropriate content making it to air by providing a comprehensive and customizable set of blacklisted word filters that are applied against all inbound and outbound content.

Social Media Polling and User Engagement
Social media polling is a great way to engage your audience. Ask your audience a question and track the responses. Or more simply, sample the entire Twitterverse for the popularity of specific topics, keywords, and hash tags. Inception’s social media polling engine enables users to create a series of hash tag or keyword buckets with tallied results. These results can then be pulled into on-air graphics for real-time updates integrated right into the broadcast or scoreboard.

New Features for IBC 2015
  • Version 9.1 includes a native, multi-language spell checker with support for personal and system level dictionaries. There is support for predefined story templates, including outlines, production cues, and pre-coded MOS objects. A new MOS object cache feature is a quick way to make commonly used objects favorited, and bind hotkeys to regularly used objects for improved productivity. Support for MOS redirection, permits third party systems to automatically move media between stations based on the MOS ID that is sent to the device. There is now support for right-to-left text alignment in the Inception user interface.
  • Redundancy is now available for all versions of Inception. The option includes an additional software license with backup features enabled, additional server, and load balancing hardware appliance.
Workflows and Tools

MOS Uplink to Newsroom
Reach into your newsroom and repurpose content produced for broadcast on social media. Inception Social provides the ability to uplink to your existing newsroom computer system via a MOS interface, and import content from rundowns. Users can use this content to craft stories for the Web and social media, or simply attach new social media content to the rundown inside of Inception. For select newsrooms, Inception can even follow along with the playout of the newsroom rundown, triggering social media content to be published in real-time alongside what’s bring broadcast over the air.

Integration with OverDrive QuickTurn
Slice up your broadcast content, automatically encode, and deliver to the Web and social media with no manual editing required. That’s the design behind Inception Social and OverDrive QuickTurn’s tight integration. Using OverDrive’s QuickTurn feature, users can tag the start and end points of a story within their OverDrive templates, which sends an instruction to a digital encoder to record and encode that segment of the running order in real-time. When combined with QuickTurn, Inception can read these tags in advance, allowing users to select where content should be delivered, be it to YouTube, Brightcove, or the Web, attach any necessary metadata and descriptions, and let it do it’s magic. In near real time you’ve got broadcast quality segments automatically edited and distributed to wherever you want them to be.

E-Mail Notifications and Approvals
Inception lets you know when something needs to be done immediately. Optionally, you can configure Inception to alert users to social media content awaiting approval, with workflows allowing users to approve or reject content right by simply responding to the notification e-mail.

Instant Messaging*
Communicate with other users, and collaborate on content with built-in instant messaging. Send quick one-on-one messages, or have larger group conversations. Users can share photos and documents within conversations as well. Finally, bring context to your content with the ability to link conversations to content inside of Inception, where everyone working on a specific piece of content can communicate in real-time.
* This is an optional feature for Inception Social.

Designed for Apple iPad
Inception’s central concept is to be accessible anywhere, and that’s especially true with it’s tailored interface for the Apple iPad. Create social media updates, or simply curate content from your tablet with a user experience designed specifically for the iPad.

Enterprise Grade

Blacklisted Word and Content Filters
The comprehensive pattern-based word filter validates both content produced by your team, as well as user-generated content ingested into the system. Using a customizable dictionary, content can be either flagged or hidden if it contains offensive words, with rules preventing inappropriate content from making it to air.

User Rights and Management
The advanced roles and permissions system provides you a high granularity of permission delegation throughout the system. Users in Inception can be delegated various roles, of which you can attach a wide number of read, edit, and approve permissions.

Unicode Compliant
Social media and Web content can be created in any language, as Inception is a completely Unicode compliant editorial platform that edits and stores content in any Unicode compliant language.

LDAP and ActiveDirectory*
Centralize the management of your users and roles by connecting Inception to your corporate LDAP or ActiveDirectory system. Target a specific subset of your directory with detailed filters, and once you attach permissions to LDAP groups inside of Inception, you’ll never have to manage users outside of your corporate directory again.
* This is an optional feature for Inception Social.