Social Media Inception Overview


Incorporation of social media content extends your audience reach.

  • Use of social search and moderated playlists enables direct user involvement.
  • Having one unified interface makes it easy to create content for multiple platforms: broadcast, the Web, and social media.
  • Publishing of text, image, and video content to a variety of online platforms builds audience engagement.
  • With complete discovery and curation tools, content can be extracted from social media, to be blended directly into broadcasts by interfacing to XPression graphics.
  • Using social media polling, and displaying the results in real-time provides interaction with online communities.
  • Integration with OverDrive QuickTurn lets users record, encode, and automatically deliver content from broadcasts to the Web or social media.

Extensive connectivity brings your staff and the all the systems they use seamlessly together.

  • The entirely browser-based user interface provides full accessed anywhere, so crews have the same user experience in the production center and out in the field.
  • The ability to utilize Windows and MacOS computers, as well as iPads means that interaction with the system is easily available to all types of users.
  • The tightly integrated messaging system links conversations to content making it easy to bring context to stories.
  • Content is ingested from social media outlets to be utilized in broadcast, scoreboard, and digital signage applications.
  • Interfaces with common networking, e-mail, and IT infrastructures, makes integration into business environments a standard process.

Unified Hub for Broadcast, Web & Social
Inception was built from day one with multi-platform content in mind, and its highly modular design integrates social media and Web interaction right into the core.

With Inception, you are able to leverage social media more efficiently than ever before. Interact with your online community and publish text, image, and video content to social media to build audience engagement. Through the powerful discovery and curation tools, discover news content from social media, and utilize this content directly into your broadcasts or live events via a simple drag and drop interface to XPression or other graphics systems.

Users will be able to quickly learn to navigate through the user-friendly, colorful, and ergonomic interface. With a story-centric workflow, start with a piece of content created for any platform and easily reformat and publish the content across other channels. Publish content immediately; schedule it to be delivered at a specific time, or link pieces of content to publish simultaneously via playout triggers.

Inception provides tools such as social media filters and interactive polls that directly drive content to your on-air graphics and offer unique ways to engage with your viewers.

Plug in to the World
Inception is built with the latest software technologies offering an entirely browser-based user interface that you can access anywhere. This provides your team the flexibility and consistency that allows them to get the job done. It is able to interface and ingest content from many social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mass Relevance / Spredfast, or simply RSS feeds to be utilized in broadcast, scoreboard applications, digital signage, or any application you can dream up. Inception also optionally connects to your existing newsroom computer system to bring in content produced for broadcast, and quickly repurpose it for Web and social media.