Social Media Inception Top reasons to buy

Top Reasons to Buy

The entirely browser-based implementation provides your staff with extensive accessibility and collaborative workflows.

  • With a rich and fluid user experience, any of your staff can simply open up a Web browser on their Windows PC, Mac, or iPad and start working immediately.
  • Installation in your facility or data center is simple, and is completely managed by your team.
  • Remote reporters and correspondents can simply login to the system via a VPN link back to their home base anytime they are in the field.
  • In addition to creating stories, remote users can do anything that local users are capable of, including working on running orders, assignments, or adding production elements.
  • Working in a highly collaborative manner, multiple users can contribute content simultaneously to rundowns, while stories and assignments can be quickly and easily accessed, updated and passed around between users with traditional content locks.

Browser accessibility enables your stories to be created more quickly and with greater inputs from any location.

The modern based user interface puts all of the key features right at your fingertips.

  • The user experience is designed to make both senior production users and beginners alike productive
  • Intuitive design and consistent behavior make for short learning curves
  • Common functions, navigation, and toolbar icons have support for hotkey bindings
  • Iconified toolbars and consistent layouts make the user experience easy to understand
  • Retention of open views and their location to start where work was left off on the next login
  • All views in the workspace are dockable, repositionable, and re-sizable, and various perspectives can be configured on a user-by-user basis to tailor the environment
  • Move views around screen as desired, including support for side-by-side stories, feeds, and even running orders
  • The central application toolbar permits quickly jumping between core product features

A powerful, yet easy to use interface greatly enhances ease of use for a broad range of users that saves you training costs while providing efficiencies through optimized story production.

Social media is an integral aspect of your productions.

  • A plug-in based design provides integration with social media destinations including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and YouTube
  • Manage, approve and publish content to social media directly from the newsroom
  • Search, discover, and curate from online audiences
  • Engage viewers and gain real-time data using social polling
  • Incorporate Social Media Feeds and Content Discovery

Incorporating social media information and publishing out to social media does not require you to acquire additional applications and systems, or need additional staff.

An adaptable, secure, and robust platform meets the needs of your users and IT infrastructure.

  • Browser-based design enables the system to run on both Windows and Mac OS
  • A customized iPad experience permits users to have access to their entire editorial workflow
  • Support for most major browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari
  • Fully Unicode compliant
  • Support for multiple database engines
  • Optional LDAP and Active Directory support
  • Strict security standards adherence with support for secure socket layer (SSL) technology to encrypt client to server communications
  • Ability to enable remote user access via a VPN connection through firewalls

A high level of connectivity and integration of common standards simplifies system deployment and lowers cost of ownership.