Tying all your production components and workflows together

The Ross Lightning Control System takes a unique approach to enable a single person to produce a live, HD, multi-camera program with graphic overlays. It can even integrate with the microphone system to assist the operator in identifying who will be the next person to speak. The program can be fed to cable and broadcast outlets for immediate delivery, or to a web streaming encoder for access via your website.

In 2014, Ross launched the world’s first fully integrated control system for assemblies tying together camera control, graphics, and production switching into one intuitive and easy to use touch screen user interface. The system is an effective solution for governmental, corporate, educational, and religious assemblies. This solution in use throughout the world, dramatically simplifies the production process making it much easier for your operations staff to deliver more content in a consistent manner.

No two assemblies are alike. Even within the same organization, different groups often make a point of being distinct from each other in as many ways as possible. That’s why, despite being fully automated, Lightning CS is also highly customizable in terms of seating plans, camera angles and shot framing. With graphics as flexible as they are powerful and simple, it’s straightforward to ensure that the “look” of your programming is identifiably yours, and assured to maximize viewer engagement.

Editorial control over how members and participants are shown on television and video can be matched to the assembly’s policy in a straightforward way. This is especially important because of the ability for content to quickly go viral on the Internet and remain there forever.


Control your productions with a simple touch-screen

  • Cameras are moved to pre-assigned shots
  • Each camera has three assigned shots to provide options without relying on the joystick
  • Up to three cameras are offered for each position, and If one of those is the on air camera, a back up is offered so that the on air camera is never removed from the program output
  • Visual confirmation is provided to ensure that the person shown matches the corresponding graphic

Select and touch on a speaker, pick the best pre- programmed shot, hit take, and it all just happens

  • Current graphics are removed
  • Current on air camera dissolves out
  • Carbonite input source is switched
  • Next camera source dissolves in
  • New graphics appear dynamically updated to match the new representative being shown

Get more from your meeting rooms

  • Each meeting can be saved as a different file with unique marks, representatives, and shots
  • Prepare for the next meeting with just a few button presses

Change a seating chart in moments

  • Assign members to chairs from a drop down list, which also updates the associated graphics

Choose from a variety of sources

  • Utilize the flexibility of bringing any source to the program output, whether it is a computer input such as a presentation or data from digital voting results

Apply graphics data

  • Dynamically update XPression graphics with user defined member information
  • Display speaker information including key details

Override the System

  • Manually move cameras using the joystick or source selection from the Carbonite and all the functions track and engage

Ross Lightning Control Systems are modern, full featured, automated production solutions designed to be easy to use and custom built to your organization.

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