Whether your budget is large or small, we have your solution

Ross has been creating technology for news productions since our very beginning in 1974. Today, we offer the broadest range of production equipment and tools for news of any company in the world. Ross is leading many of the latest newsroom evolutions including automated production, social media integration, and even the addition of virtual sets and augmented reality.

We have deep experience in assisting with the creation of great looking newscasts, enabling you to tell stories better and more efficiently deliver the news. Having brought literally thousands of new news productions to air, our trainers are there to help guide your team to a successful launch.

With installations in over 140 countries ranging from top network broadcasters in London and New York to smaller local market television channels and webcasters, newsrooms all over the planet rely on Ross. Whether your budget is large or small, we’ve got a solution that will help you produce great looking news.

Our product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of products and services for news editorial, news production control rooms, news studios, news infrastructure and news content creation. Whether you are building a completely new facility or simply need to add a few key upgrades, chances are good that we have a solution that fits.

  • News Editorial Solution

    With the evolution from news being solely created for linear on-air programming to a multi screen, multi platform, social media-connected consumer, newsroom systems have also needed to evolve. The Ross Inception Newsroom Control System takes a unique story-based approach to make it easy to create and package content for a variety of platforms.

  • News Control Room Solution

    Different news operations, have different requirements depending on news style, hours of operation, frequency of content changes, and resources. For some newsrooms, the need to automate news production to guarantee quality while increasing efficiencies is crucial. For automated production control, OverDrive has re-defined news production in a manner as impactful as non-linear editing did in the past. OverDrive can be combined with production switching, graphics, camera robotics, and video playback systems from Ross for a high effective and highly integrated automated new production solution.

  • News Studio Solution

    Viewers increasingly expect more sophisticated programming that includes shots, scenes, and visual elements that go well beyond what traditional studio production facilities can provide. To meet these new expectations, studios need robotic camera systems that provide precision, automated control, and the ability to capture action that defies belief. The robotic components can then be combined with systems that create virtual sets and augmented reality elements to offer an imaginative spin to what is eventually seen on the screen.

  • News Infrastructure Solution

    Every news deployment needs a solid and robust foundation to build from. This begins with routing, combined with signal processing and management, all tied to a single, unified control system. From this base layer, systems that integrate routing, production switching, and channel control can interoperate to create unique news solutions with a high degree of integrated functionality.

  • Production and Creative Services

    Our graphics, virtual sets, and augmented reality systems all add to the quality of your news programming. Ross also has in-house expertise to create state of the art studio and graphics packages to get you started with the new look you want, and can offer production services to expand your live event coverage.

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