Deliver your messages consistently and efficiently

Many corporations find it advantageous to have in house production studios that can be used for a wide variety of communications purposes and deliver your messages consistently and efficiently.

In house studios can provide the facilities to produce video for product launches, corporate webcasts, messages from the CEO, health and safety training, corporate compliance and be used as feeds to teleconferencing systems. Having this resource in house ensures that important information doesn’t inadvertently leak to the press or public ahead of when it should.

Ross offers an unmatched range of production equipment and services for these types of studio environments.

Acuity and Carbonite Production Switchers

The centerpiece of any production studio is the production switcher and Ross offers the world’s most comprehensive range. Ross Production Switchers are feature-packed and offer unsurpassed production horsepower while being easy to use and offering excellent value for your money. Best of all, Ross production switchers offer free software upgrades for the life of the product, often adding significant new features through a switcher’s life span.

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Motion Graphics – XPression

Productions really come to life with great looking and brand consistent live graphics. XPression makes it easy for your staff to integrate content from your marketing department into a live video production, translating your corporate look nicely into the video world.

XPression has the highest-level capabilities and is the easiest system to use, ensuring that your productions look top notch and that your staff can confidently get the results you are looking for.

XPression’s ability to integrate real-time data is very useful in the corporate world, offering the ability to integrate corporate data directly into production graphics. This allows you to produce real-time animated data-driven graphics just like the television business networks do – a compelling way to show corporate performance.

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Video Clip Server – Tria

Seamlessly integrate video plus key plus audio clips with a cost-effective, multi-channel clip server that includes comprehensive production switcher synergies. The fast, intuitive interface provides predictable and precise operation to streamline live productions.

Tria quickly and easily handles animated replay wipes, advertisements, and other clips like opening and retrospective videos.

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Ross Robotic Camera Systems – Furio and CamBot

Ross Robotic Camera systems make it possible to operate cameras remotely from the production control room. It is easy to set up, recall and adjust camera shots from a joystick control module and touch screen user interface. Ross offers a full range of robotic camera solutions including pan/tilt head, pan/tilt with elevator, full roaming studio pedestal and track based systems.

Camera robotics have become the way to handle cameras in many studios, getting productions done with fewer people while producing a high quality and dynamic looking production.

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EZ Prompt is Ross’ stand alone prompting software. It is widely used by corporations and heads of state around the world to reliably provide the words that your speaker or presenter needs to be confident in their presentation.

EZPrompt is designed to provide you with a dependable solution that is easy to operate and easy to setup.

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Studio Infrastructure – openGear, GearLite, NK Routing

Ross offers a complete range of routing, distribution, conversion, keying, multi-view, synchronization and other products that provide the technical foundation within a studio environment.

Our unique openGear® platform is the industry’s only open signal processing standard with over 60 partner companies creating compatible technology – this means the broadest range of choice available to meet your infrastructure needs.

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Customized Control – DashBoard Control System

One of the challenges in corporate studios is ensuring that things are simple enough so that people who aren’t video professionals can control elements of a production. This is where DashBoard and its unique PanelBuilder comes in. This feature allows you to easily create a customized touch screen user interface. Even your presenter can be given access to things like playing clips, recalling a camera scene or calling up a graphic element.

DashBoard PanelBuilder is a great tool that gives you yet another way to leverage your Ross technology investment – and is available free from the Ross website.

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