Let us help you achieve your production goals

Ross employs staff that understand the production of corporate and live events and can assist in a number of ways in helping you achieve your production goals. Best of all, you get to leverage our broadcast and production experience, bringing the skills and knowledge that will elevate the level your people and ensure great production results.

  • Consultation: Our specialists are available to offer a free consultation and share ideas on ways to enhance your corporate communications through video production and explore how Ross technology and services might be able to play a role in helping get you there.
  • Commissioning: Ross’ commissioning services are available to help get your studio up and running, check that your Ross equipment is correctly installed and help set up and configure your system so that is ready to go for your next corporate event.
  • Technical Training: Ross offers technical training to educate your staff on the installation, configuration and maintenance of your Ross equipment.
  • Creative Services: Our creative services team is available to create great looking graphics for your XPression graphics system. If you don’t have graphic artists on staff, need help converting print graphics to motion graphics or would simply like a way to expand your available talent pool, give us a call. Our creative services team also offers a service to create and maintain specialized DashBoard CustomPanels and Applications. If you think your operation might benefit from a custom panel and you don’t want to build it yourself be sure to connect with our Creative Services Team to see how they might be able to help.
  • Ross Mobile Production Services: In 2013, Ross added Ross Mobile Productions, a wholly owned subsidiary that owns and operates a fleet of mobile production trucks and flight packs. Ross MP is much more that just an equipment rental company and provides full production services including producer and crew. Ross Mobile Productions, in addition to providing production services for television, cable and Internet streaming services also produces content for onsite corporate events. The Ross MP mobile will arrive ahead of time and be ready to provide a full big screen and webcast experience to your audience.