Minimize cost and maximize production looks

The benefit of a virtual studio is that it provides a flexible studio space that can be used in many different ways, minimizing cost while maximizing the look of a production. It can also make a small studio space look very large.

Instead of building a physical set, virtual studios are studios with a green-screen background. The green is replaced in the camera shot with a virtual set that is pre-built using standard 3D modeling tools and imported into our XPression Motion Graphics system (Ross can help with this). The foreground (camera shot) and virtual background (3D model) track each other in real time, making the scene look like it is really there. Nuanced features like reflections, lighting, depth of field and lens compensation ensure the best possible results. Ross offers pre-packaged virtual solutions with most everything you need to put together a virtual studio and the know-how to help you get great results.

Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality

Ross Video can provide all the major technology components required for virtual and augmented reality production. You will be able to produce stunning corporate productions incorporating Virtual Sets using green screen backings or Augmented Reality with real time camera tracking right on the set.

Switching between sets at the touch of a button allows you to quickly repurpose your studio space and utilize it more, maximizing your return on investment. With Ross Virtual Studio technology room size no longer matters – you can create an amazing looking set space within a small studio environment.

Ross doesn’t just offer technology but a full range of virtual set design, creative services, graphics design and project support to get your system up and running and quickly producing great results.

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