Accuracy and flexibility to improve your production quality

Producing a variety of educational programs requires flexible approaches to work in a range of institutional environments utilizing the most advanced equipment and the most agile workflow tools. This enables you to create great instructional content while getting maximum advantages out of whatever space you have.

Ross is well known for a wide range of robotic camera systems and the ability to intelligently drive on-location monitors. Ross has the technology and expertise to provide a top-notch solution to meet the needs of the most demanding productions.

Robotic Camera Systems

Ross Robotics offers a range of solutions, with the most popular for auditoriums and classrooms being the CamBot 520 Pan/Tilt head. The 520 will hold a camera and lens while providing precise and reliable steering from shot to shot. Its 70 pound capacity supports larger cameras and longer lenses, making it possible to deploy high quality equipment with better color rendition and sensitivity and longer zoom lenses for closer shots. The head offers a fast, 90 degrees per second pan to quickly move from shot to shot and is built to with stand the rigors of daily use.

The SmartShell control system is used to control pan/tilt and zoom/focus and to set up, save and recall shots with smoothness, speed, precise control, and quality on-air moves. Carbonite Black production switchers offer direct control of the Ross Robotics systems.

For studio production, Ross has both free-roaming pedestals and track based dollies.

CamBot pedestal robots employ unique, patented technologies to provide unmatched accuracy and payload capacity, enabling users to deliver higher quality productions at dramatically lower operational costs.

Furio track-based systems provide cinema-quality on-air movements that produce dramatic, signature shots that capture and hold viewer attention.

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ACID Cameras

When longer lenses are need to cover large areas, ACID cameras use the latest in camera technology to offer high-performance image capture and a unique feature set. These cameras are designed to offer low noise, high sensitivity, and excellent picture resolution. Aside from their impressive specifications, both ACID models have several features and functionalities that further enhance the versatility of the camera.

ACID cameras are a great choice for nuanced productions that require a high degree of control. With DashBoard control, a user can perform operation, setup, shading and the transfer/recall of scene files amongst multiple ACID cameras. Combine ACID with CamBot for smooth pre-programmed camera movements. With this integration, ACID becomes the beginning of the chain for LCS assembly production.

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PIVOT Cameras

PIVOTCam offers high performance image capture with quiet and accurate PTZ functionality, at a fantastic value. PIVOTCam produces spectacular video images under a wide range of lighting conditions, utilizing an array of Pan/Tilt/Zoom and Focus control along with preset recalls. Enjoy 3G 1080P and HD visuals with low noise and high sensitivity, combined with a 20x optical zoom via high quality Olympus optics. With included wall and ceiling mounts, PIVOTCam permits you to creatively utilize space in your venue. This makes PIVOTCam the perfect companion for engaging for legislative,assembly, education, corporate, house of worship assembly productions.

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