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Every media deployment for educational purposes needs a solid and robust foundation to build from. This begins with routing, combined with signal processing and management, all tied to a single, unified control system. From this base layer, systems can interoperate to create unique production and distribution solutions with a high degree of integrated functionality.

Ross Video infrastructure solutions for Master Control, routing, signal processing, and conversion are necessary foundational components supporting your educational content creation and distribution. They deliver the performance, quality, and reliability suitable for a range of the most demanding environments.

Facility Control

While Carbonite Black offers a well-integrated control interface that makes educational productions easy and efficient, there can be situations which require something more.

Ross Video has developed an open platform for facility control and monitoring that enables users to quickly build unique, tailored CustomPanels that make complex operations simple. DashBoard provides control and monitoring to hundreds of products from over 50 partners within the openGear and DashBoard Connect ecosystem and of course, most Ross Video products. Its ability to craft application specific solutions such as use in educational institutions across this breadth of products is what makes DashBoard so special.

As an open, free, software package from Ross Video, users can leverage DashBoard to create custom interfaces to optimize a user’s workflow, both in terms of how things are laid out as well as what information is available on the screen.

A unique capability called PanelBuilder permits you to easily create custom control surfaces that are specifically designed to control YOUR educational production. You can edit existing product user interfaces, combine elements of different product user interfaces into a single control screen, and even add scripting and external data connections to do things that you previously thought were impossible. Once again Ross products combined together can raise the bar on the delivery of your instructional media output and increase your efficiency resulting in a high quality production that anyone can run.

Even better, Ross offers services to create custom panels so you don’t have to spend any time making it happen. Just tell us what you want and we can make it a reality, just for you, at very reasonable rates.

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Signal Processing and Conversion

Some educational environments have specialized needs to interconnecting facilities, content, and participants. Video may need to be distributed to multiple structures. Multiple locations may need to be interconnected to send content out or to include instructional speakers.

Distance learning is increasing, and this provides multiple benefits such as sharing of your teachers who specialize in specific subjects, and enabling your students to interact with their peers across the city or the world. Connected learning communities permit your faculty to collaborate for enhanced teaching techniques, and increased motivation to refine their skills.

Students training in studios and control rooms can use IP networks to distribute programming internally, externally, and across the Internet.

IP transport is ideal for moving streams of video between locations with adequate bandwidth and QoS, and facilities can manage contribution feeds from the field, between studios, across a campus, or between cities with a pipeline that supplies guaranteed bandwidth.

In all these use cases there is a common element- the I/O of different types of devices need various types of data transported between them, and/or in and out of them. So whether you choose IP conversion at the level of individual devices, at the level of different production centers, or at the level of an entire facility, Ross has solutions.

openGear modular frames and cards provide signal processing and conversion, and are based on an open standard. These open architecture signal processing solutions offer a wide range of analog and digital products to cover A/V distribution, conversion, and interface needs that are applicable everywhere, including 24/7 and live production deployments.

If you need IP and signal conversion, embedders, fiber and IP transport, distribution amplifiers, synchronization, Ross can offer all of this. Most of the time we’re confident that Ross makes the modular solution you’re looking for, but if you need something special, the openGear community of manufacturers, and it’s a very large community, makes cards and solutions that integrate seamlessly into the openGear rack frame and DashBoard control system.

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Ultrix is a compact but incredibly powerful routing switcher platform capable of switching video signals from 270 Mb/s to 12 Gb/s. The small form factor saves rack space with high density, compact one and two rack unit frames. The router is easy to deploy and maintain with an integrated control system that provides configuration, soft panels, discovery, and interoperability.

Ultrix provides maximum performance and quality with standard configurations supporting data rates up to 3 Gb/s. However, users can purchase the Ultrispeed software licenses that enables 12 Gb/s performance throughout every signal path within the router. When combined with the inherent capabilities within the frame, the Ultrispeed license also enables routing of the emerging single link UHD 60Hz standard alongside current Quad link 4k signals, and seamlessly switch these signals back and forth to each other.

If more multi-viewers are needed beyond what Carbonite Black or Acuity provides, Ultriscape is a software enabled multiviewer in the frame with no special output boards, crosspoints, or multichannel connection cables needed. Simply enable the desired number of outputs to drive the monitors required, and route any input to whatever multi-viewer head is chosen.

Ultrimix provides software enabled advanced audio integration, including the ability to embed and de-embed audio on all of the inputs and outputs of the router. Users have complete flexibility to process, swap, sum, mute, or route any discrete or embedded audio input to any output.

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As a comprehensive series of routing solutions, NK offers a wide variety of matrix sizes and types, flexible control panels, and a powerful control system to tie everything together for a variety of educational media uses.

These systems offer a range of audio, video, and data routing solutions when multiple input and output signals need to be controlled and managed. They are available in sizes ranging from 16×4 to 144×144. Any matrix type can be built into a system with any combination of other NK matrices.

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