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Ross control room solutions can be used in high schools up to the largest universities for faculty and students to create a variety of dynamic live video. Video production is applicable for events, distance learning, television shows, educational programming, sports, and teaching.

Powering your facility with a production center from Ross will ensure that your faculty and students have the tools they need to produce the best quality video content. Ross technology has proven itself at the heart of legislative, educational, broadcast, and sports venue production control rooms all over the world. You can rest assured that your students and teachers will have the tools to deliver a polished, engaging and consistent appearance to your productions.

The core of Ross educational production control room solutions consist of a range of production switchers including the Carbonite Black and CrossOver Series, and XPression motion graphics systems.

Production Switchers

As an amazingly capable production switcher in the 1, 2, 2.5, and 3 ME sizes for an astoundingly good price, Carbonite Black offers a wide array of control panel sizes, two 32 window MultiViewers as standard, and unique processing and integration features. It is also a great system to learn on for use in other production environments.

This production switcher system has very low delay even with DVE effects, conversion, and scaling making it the right choice for image magnification in auditoriums and stadiums where audio sync is so critical.

The Multiscreen feature enables you to create visually stunning content for up to 4 displays such as projectors and LED video walls, on a single screen with edge blending that can really highlight presenters to congregations. High quality and performance is implemented with low latency, dramatic cross screen transitions, scaling of a single background across all screens, and display of full resolution multi-screen backgrounds from graphics systems and internal Media-Stores.

The four MiniME’s provide linked control for MultiScreen production with independent control for on-set and secondary outputs so you can feed screens inside an auditorium while producing a presentation for your web and broadcast audiences.

Because it is necessary to accommodate operators of all backgrounds, ViewControl makes it possible for instructors and students to create an entire production from a simple and very intuitive interface. Complex transition elements are shown as thumbnails surrounding the live source windows. Running the show is now as simple as touching the screen. A powerful Ross DashBoard LiveAssist control interface combines with the MediaManager browser to provide intuitive control over switcher settings, Media Store graphics and animations. With simple access from PC and MAC, DashBoard and MediaManager are the perfect Carbonite Black companions.

To deliver a variety of educational productions, major effects and keying power are packed into 1,2 or 3 ME’s. Each ME has 4 powerful keyers with luma, linear, Chroma and DVE key types as well as an additional 5th hidden keyer for animated Media Wipe and DVE transitions. Two advanced pattern generators per ME are available for wipes, pattern masks and color washes. 4 or 8 high quality 2D DVE channels are available system-wide. The DVE’s ‘float’ within the system architecture allowing all to be assigned to a single ME or distributed across ME’s as the production demands. Four independent media player channels are available switcher-wide. Stills, logos and animated graphics can be played out from the on-board 8GB memory. The Media-Store™ can also be managed directly over Ethernet via Carbonite Black’s browser-based graphics tools.

The video processing engines can be set for Standard or High Definition production. In addition, the standard system includes 6 internal frame synchronizers and format converters which permit mixed SD and HD formats to be seamlessly incorporated into your production. The Carbonite Plus and MultiMedia versions have dedicated converter/synchronizers on every input simultaneously capable of accepting unreferenced signals and converting SD (625 or 525) to HD 1080i format with aspect ratio choices. The MultiMedia version adds up to 4 shared SDI/HDMI/ Analog inputs that incorporate new high quality / low latency format conversion features. These MultiMedia connections allow input from computers (PC & MAC) as well as provide support for legacy analog devices such as Standard Definition DVD players, cameras and VCR’s. Scan conversion technology allows these inputs to accept Interlaced or Progressive formats with differing pixel resolution and aspect ratio and seamlessly convert them to the native format of your educational production.

Direct control of external devices is simple. Servers, Robotic Cameras, select Audio Mixers and, of course XPression motion graphics systems can all be integrated.

Carbonite Black Solo is packed full of features that deliver incredible video production horsepower in an amazingly compact and affordable package. Dynamic and creative capabilities include DVE functions, media stores, MiniME’s, 8 keyers including an Ultrchrome chroma keyer, assignable frame sync and format convertors, integrated MultiViewer, and device control make even the smallest productions look big.

Intuitive and proven panel ergonomics with ViewControl and DashBoard operations provides a significant level of production efficiency, control, and accuracy that results in shorter learning curves, and fewer production errors.

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Motion Graphics

Great graphics are needed for various purposes in educational broadcasts and training. Besides being applied to finished productions for web streaming or television broadcast, graphics are useful for identification, messages, captioning, and announcements on video displays and panels.

Ross Real-Time Motion Graphics Systems provide users with power, simplicity, and affordability. Built to create high-end 3D graphics and animations, XPression also fully supports existing 2D workflows that use still images and rendered animation clips. For live educational productions, XPression is tightly integrated with Carbonite Black and CrossOver production switchers.

XPression Studio is an all-in-one creation and playout tool for the most demanding of your live educational and sports applications. You can build scenes and templates in Layout Mode, then switch to Sequence Mode to play them out. There is no need for you to change programs or move to another workstation. This powerful, operator-driven solution is perfect for fast paced live productions. XPression Studio’s intuitive user interface and operator-friendly features will get creating productions faster with limited training requirements.

When you need a production clip server for live educational and sports productions that incorporates the latest advances in IT technologies, XPression Clips offers you instant recall times and back-to-back clip transitions from an intuitive user interface or via automation triggers from other devices like Ross Video productions switchers. You may add XPression Clips functionality to XPression Studio’s basic clip handling capabilities by adding the Clip Server Option.

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