Capture the big moments in live productions

Ross has extensive experience providing systems for sports and entertainment venues, and has deployed solutions for a significant number of university and professional sports stadiums. Large or small, Ross can offer systems that interface with various components such as display and projections systems, and Ross can show you how to add new sizzle to your fan or student engagement.

Comprehensive tools, workflow enhancements, and tight system integration make operational control simple and repeatable.

Production Switchers

Ross makes amazingly capable production switchers from 1 to 4 ME sizes at astoundingly good prices. There is a wide array of control panel sizes, two MultiViewers as standard, and unique processing and integration features. Using production switcher Aux keys and sponsor branded Social Media together create a distinct viewing experience. The video processing engines can accommodate SD, HD, 3G, and UHD formats as part of your fan experience.

These switchers pack major effects and keying power into every ME. Each ME has powerful keyers with luma, linear, Chroma and DVE key types as well as an additional 5th hidden keyer for animated Media Wipe and DVE transitions. The superior quality of chroma keying of the switchers makes for amazingly good results when used for virtual applications. Advanced pattern generators per ME are available for wipes, pattern masks and color washes. High quality 2D DVE channels are available system-wide. The DVE’s ‘float’ within the system architecture allowing all to be assigned to a single ME or distributed across ME’s as the production demands. Independent media player channels are also available switcher-wide. Stills, logos and animated graphics can be played out from the on-board memory.

Direct control of external devices is simple with Ross switchers, servers, select Audio Mixers, displays, and, of course XPression motion graphics systems can all be integrated.

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Live Event Production Management System

Events hosted by educational institutions such as concerts and sports matches, have unique production requirements.

Inception Live is a toolset for game day and live event production with a customizable game day or event lineup grid, scripting and timing capabilities, and uses social media tools that include publishing, content discovery and curation, polling, and playlists for integration into on-air graphics.

The collaborative toolset simplifies the scripting of game day and event plans with a customizable production grid, real-time changes, instant messaging communications, and discovering, curating, moderating, and integrating content with graphics for digital signage and scoreboards.

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