Tools for you to gather and present social media content

Social media is an important lifestyle trend, and an opportunity to extend messaging and provide information beyond the confines of any particular edifice. Many organizations are now actively using social media as another way of keeping members informed. Inception Social is an application that helps you get control over your social media presence.

Social media is a medium accessible to anyone, but up until now, there were few easy ways of integrating all forms of social media into one unified dashboard. Inception is changing that, providing the ability to publish content to social media and the Web, discover and curate content for your productions or live event, or engage your audience through social media polling with real-time results.

Approvals and editorial control over what is published become very important in this type of highly visible, externally facing media feed. This application platform helps you get control over their social media presence.

Inception Social is a platform to monitor, create and publish content for a wide range of social media services including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and a growing list of others. It is an application environment to work on social media tasks such as creating and submitting content for publication. The system includes a toolset to discover and curate social media content for use in productions, as well as bring text and image content from social media into graphics displays and playout.

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