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Live event coverage of any type is a capital-intensive endeavor, and the cost of building and maintaining production vehicles represents a significant overhead. By enabling lower-cost remote production while retaining the quality and standard expected of high-profile broadcast events, openTruck™ levels the playing field for smaller companies and gives producers an all-round better way to expand their coverage and meet consumer demand for coverage of more local sports and other live events.

openTruck is a viable alternative to traditional truck design. Rather than using overly expensive technologies that lack smooth integration, this new construct emphasizes equipment and workflows that complement each other for better efficiencies at lower costs. A healthy return on investment is delivered using the openTruck blueprint as vehicles are precisely engineered to maximize space, minimize risk and consistently deliver faultlessly efficient production workflows, uncompromising video quality, and rapid reconfiguration from event to event.

This innovative initiative provides a standardized yet customizable way to design affordable mobile production vehicles equipped with the power and technology necessary to deliver the highest quality content. Trucks built using the openTruck™ initiative, deliver a predictable production experience and outstanding results—all the time, every time. Whether you require a network broadcast, Internet delivery, or OTT and VOD services, openTruck™ is exactly what you need to maintain high-quality production values, and consistency of final product that ensures a healthy return on investment.

The openTruck™ initiative is helping to fuel an expanding live production ecosystem and make cost-efficient, high-performance production vehicles readily available along with a pool of talented and fully trained freelance operators.

openTruck™ is suitable for a wide range of applications and events including:

  • Educational and amateur sporting events
  • Local and regional professional sports teams
  • Local and state political events rallies
  • Corporate events
  • Live concerts and performances
  • Community parades and festivals

Find out more about openTruck and how to become an openTruck partner, please visit the openTruck website.

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