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In mobile production, space can be tight- and so can time! You need live production systems that not only take size and power into consideration, but are optimized to work seamlessly together to make sure you do not miss any of the action. Reliability and speed of operation is critical during the event, as well as how fast and easy set-up and configuration can be performed between events.

Ross has extensive experience delivering solutions that meet all these requirements so your production crew has the tools in any location they need to produce the best possible quality video content. You can rest assured that your team will have the tools to deliver a polished, engaging and consistent appearance to all your mobile productions.

Production Switching

As an amazingly capable production switcher in the 1, 2, 2.5, and 3 ME sizes for an astoundingly good price, Carbonite Black offers a wide array of control panel sizes, two 32 window MultiViewers as standard, and unique processing and integration features.

Featuring space conscious control panels with a super compact 2 RU production engine, Carbonite Black is small enough to fit in even in vans and flight packs, but it is packed with high value features essential to the delivery of broadcast quality productions. A strong all-metal body, high end buttons, legendary fader, and professional grade joystick positioner make Carbonite Black quite rugged. Add to the reliability of Carbonite Black by choosing the redundant power option that provides dual power supplies for both the control panel and the production engine.

Major effects and keying power are packed into 1,2 or 3 ME’s. Each ME has 4 powerful keyers with luma, linear, Chroma and DVE key types as well as an additional 5th hidden keyer for animated Media Wipe and DVE transitions. Two advanced pattern generators per ME are available for wipes, pattern masks and color washes. 4 or 8 high quality 2D DVE channels are available system-wide. The DVE’s ‘float’ within the system architecture allowing all to be assigned to a single ME or distributed across ME’s as the production demands. Four independent media player channels are available switcher-wide. Stills, logos and animated graphics can be played out from the on-board 8GB memory. The Media-Store™ can also be managed directly over Ethernet via Carbonite Black’s browser-based graphics tools.

Two configurable MultiViewers (up to 32 windows) engineered to provide the best possible monitoring solutions for your live productions without the need for additional equipment are included in Carbonite Black’s standard feature set. These clean, low latency MultiViewers have access to all external and internal sources.

The video production engines can be set for Standard or High Definition production. In addition, the standard system includes 6 internal frame synchronizers and format converters which allow mixed SD and HD formats to be seamlessly incorporated into your production. The Carbonite Plus and MultiMedia versions have dedicated converter/synchronizers on every input simultaneously capable of accepting unreferenced signals and converting SD (625 or 525) to HD 1080i format with aspect ratio choices.

From the use of large, back lit buttons and Panel Glow for increased operator accuracy, to the placement of frequently used buttons, Carbonite Black provides intuitive panel ergonomics and superior live production efficiencies. You can rapidly execute a variety of wipe patterns and memory recalls in just a few pushes, and the implementation of a rapid, auto-follow menu system means that you do not need to memorize menu hierarchies in order to fine tune your actions. No time or effort is wasted navigating through the panel to see what you want and get what you want.

Because it is necessary to accommodate operators of all backgrounds, ViewControl makes it possible to create an entire live production from a simple and very intuitive interface. Complex transition elements are shown as thumbnails surrounding the live source windows. Running the show is now as simple as touching the screen. A powerful Ross DashBoard LiveAssist control interface combines with the MediaManager browser to provide intuitive control over switcher settings, Media Store graphics and animations. With simple access from PC and MAC, DashBoard and MediaManager are the perfect Carbonite Black companions.

Direct control of external devices is simple. Servers, Robotic Cameras, select Audio Mixers and, of course XPression motion graphics systems can all be integrated.


Real-time Motion Graphics

XPression’s lightning fast recall times, ability to interface with live data, and to be controlled both manually and from custom applications at the same time, make it an ideal solution for your live sports productions. Both XML data for stats and “clock and score” from major scoreboard manufacturers can be processed simultaneously in XPression. Frame-accurate switcher integration with Carbonite Black for cost-effective single channel workflows without compromising graphic quality is also possible. XPression Project Server can be used to send updates into the field on game day with appropriate IT connectivity.

XPression Studio is an all-in-one creation and playout tool for the most demanding of your live productions. Build scenes and templates in Layout Mode, then switch to Sequence Mode to play them out. There is no need for you to change programs or move to another workstation. This powerful, operator-driven solution is perfect for mobile productions. XPression Studio’s intuitive user interface and operator-friendly features will get you creating live productions faster with limited training requirements.

When you need a production clip server for live production that incorporates the latest advances in IT technologies, XPression Clips offers you instant recall times and back-to-back clip transitions from an intuitive user interface or via automation triggers from other devices like Carbonite production switchers.


Social Media Management

Social media is another important lifestyle trend, and an opportunity to engage viewers into live productions.

Social media is a medium accessible to anyone, but up until now, there were few easy ways of integrating all forms of social media into one unified dashboard. Inception is changing that, providing the ability to publish content to social media and the Web, discover and curate content for your live productions, or engage your audience through social media polling with real-time results.

Inception Social is a platform to monitor, create and publish content for a wide range of social media services including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and a growing list of others. It is an application environment to work on social media tasks such as creating and submitting content for publication. The system includes a toolset to discover and curate social media content for use in live productions, as well as bring text and image content from social media into graphics displays and playout.


Signal Processing and Conversion

openGear modular frames and cards provide signal processing and conversion, and are based on an open standard.

These open architecture signal processing solutions offer a wide range of analog and digital products to cover A/V distribution, conversion and interface needs that are applicable everywhere, including 24/7 and live production deployments.

If you need IP and signal conversion, embedders, fiber and IP transport, distribution amplifiers, synchronization, Ross can offer all of this. Most of the time we’re confident that Ross makes the modular solution you’re looking for, but if you need something special, the openGear community of manufacturers, and it’s a very large community, makes cards and solutions that integrate seamlessly into the openGear rack frame and DashBoard control system.



As a comprehensive series of routing solutions, NK offers small matrix sizes for mobile production environments, flexible control panels, and a powerful control system to tie everything together. These systems offer a range of audio, video, and data routing solutions when multiple input and output signals need to be controlled and managed.


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