Software Defined Production – IP, SDI, or Hybrid

Broadcast is undergoing a massive transformation with new and more aggressive forms of competition, convergence, and delivery models. Success in this environment comes down to flexibility, scalability, and agility. These same goals are driving the discussion and adoption of IP, but is IP the only or best way to achieve your business objectives? Smart Production is all about doing more with less, and doing so with the transport choice that is most appropriate depending on your project’s scale, complexity, and tolerance to risk.

Software Defined Production (SDP) is all about doing more with fewer boxes; moving away from single-function devices that mostly sit idle, and towards a pool of flexible resources that will meet your production needs on-demand. This pool requires a correspondingly agile network, which supports the non-blocking availability, reliability, and orchestration requirements of your Smart Production goals.



This network – which some refer to as Software Defined Networking (SDN) or Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) – must deliver on the promise of agility, scalability and flexibility, but not at any cost. After listening to your unique requirements, Ross Video may guide you towards solutions built on SDI routers, or IP networks, or a hybrid combination of both. Regardless of the transport technology selected, Ross Video’s “One Network” vision delivers solutions to address both the edges and the core of your live production network.


At the edge, Ross products adapt your hardware to flexibly meet your signal conversion needs including:


Newt – AIMS-compliant point-of-use IP signal converters.

Raptor EDGE – AIMS-compliant openGear module, high-density IP gateway.

Gator – UHD-capable signal processing modules; the ultimate software-defined openGear processor.





BACH – AoIP OEM technology.

SWIFT – SMPTE ST 2110 system-on-chip OEM technology.



DashBoard – Common control and monitoring ecosystem (in addition to other options EmBER+/RAVENNA, NMOS, and JSON API).




In the core, Ross delivers:


Ultrix – Entire racks of infrastructure combined into one router including Audio processing, Frame sync, UHD gearbox, and Ultriscape multiviewer.

XPression – Real-time motion graphics workflow.