Tell better stories through the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Solutions

The ability to present information in new and innovative ways can captivate and inform your audiences like never before. You can deploy Virtual solutions in various ways including Virtual Walls, Virtual Advertising, Virtual Social, Virtual Sports Branding, and more.

Ross End-to-End Virtual Productions Workflow Demonstration

Grand Lille TV / Grand Littoral TV – Trackless Studio Virtual Set Case Study

ELEAGUE – SFV Invitational, Character Augmented Reality BTS

Ross Virtual Solutions featuring ProCyc Cyclorama Systems

Ross Virtual Solutions Demo

New England Sports Network – Sports Virtual Studio Production Case Study

TV2 East – Automated Gallery and Virtual Studio Production Case Study

City of San Antonio, Public Access Television – Virtual Studio Production Case Study

WKBN Case Study

Ross Trackless Studio Demo

Virtual Solutions Weather Presentation

Partnership with The Future Group Presentation

Trackless Studio Presentation

Virtual Solutions Versatility Presentation

Virtual Solutions Sport Presentation

Ross Creative Services Demo

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