Virtual Applications

Ross Virtual Solutions enable users to deploy both augmented reality and virtual sets for a wide range of uses in many different applications.

These are just a few of the emerging virtual applications. It is only a matter of imagination that will create the next wave of virtual applications, and Ross is right there leading the way.

For Broadcast
Facilities are leveraging existing green screens to build virtual set extensions that expand and improve the looks of their studios. Broadcasters are also using Augmented Reality to incorporate virtual elements into their existing hard sets by displaying infographics, weather updates, election results, sports results, advertising, and much more.

For Sports
Many venues are adding in house studios featuring Augmented Reality and Virtual Sets, as well as using Augmented Reality within the sports stadium during events for delivering game statistics and advertising.

For Business
Leading International companies are developing broadcast studios to insure that corporate presentations are delivered at the highest quality. Corporate studios are being created both as central studios and distributed studios worldwide to provide localized content.

For Weather
Leading broadcasters around the world are providing an entirely new way to present weather. Local broadcasters can create their own custom designed Augmented Reality weather presentations or use a weather service provider such as The Weather Company who leverages Ross Video’s tracking technology to deliver Augmented Reality weather.

Success Stories