Ross delivers top quality augmented reality and virtual set designs

To offer the best available designs, Ross has established Ross Virtual Design services to bring the best virtual designers in the world to deliver top quality augmented reality and virtual set designs. The Ross Virtual Design services range from delivering a turn-key solution from show concept to providing virtual design consultation to system integrators and users who prefer to design and implement their own augmented reality or virtual set design.

Virtual Solutions are about integrating real environments with virtual elements while retaining the illusion of reality with the audience. This is all about Design. With over 20 years of virtual experience in the broadcast and film industry, you get a world-class design team and design process that includes both Ross and industry partners to support all your needs.

Ross Virtual Design Offers:

  • Consultation / Knowledge Transfer
  • Design Refinement – Improve existing design
  • Special Projects
  • Library Sets
  • Augmented Reality Elements
  • Fully Custom Virtual Set Design

Consultation service provides assistance to designers on the best methods to prepare a set in 3D applications and bring it into the XPression motion graphics system. This service can be remote or face-to-face.

Design Refinement service prepares 3D files for use with the XPression motion graphics system. Consultation is provided along the way and preparation of the final XPression files is completed for installation. This service can be remote or face-to-face.

Special Projects service offers a Creative Director who is Involved with larger Network and Station Group projects where design plays a significant role. The Director works with producers, directors and creative departments to help bridge the gaps and transition them into the use of virtual solutions.

Ross offers library sets from various vendors including Full Mental Jacket, Coiron, and Dreamwall for both tracked and trackless applications. Library sets are the RossVideo website available for purchase and download, with new sets being added over time. All library sets and can be customized per specific requirements.

Full Custom Design service provides a host of services ranging from recommending camera positions to delivering the final project running in real-time. Other services can include pre-visualization shot by shot before building for real-time.

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