NK144 – End of Production FAQ

NK144 - End of Production FAQ

After a very successful, and innovative history, Ross Video is announcing the End-of-Production on the NK-144 product line – effective August 31st, 2018. This includes both router as well as the Carbonite eXtreme production switcher models.  Please see the below FAQ for additional information:

Q: When does this go into effect?
Immediately.  There are a limited quantity of frames, I/O boards, switchers, crosspoints, controllers, and power supplies.  Customers can continue to order these parts and systems for the next 60 days or until supplies last.

Q: How will support be affected?
As per Ross policy, we will continue to maintain service support for 7 years from this date (August 31st, 2025).

Q: What are the model numbers affected?
See the below chart for the model numbers associated with this release.

Part Number Description
NK-I3G 8 channel input card
NK-I3G-RC Frame connector strip
NK-O3G 8 channel output card
NK-O3G-RC Frame connector strip
NK-144X3G Spare or Redundant Matrix Board
NK-C3G Spare or Redundant Controller
NK-P3G Spare NK-3G Power Supply
CF-NK-P3G Redundant Power Supply for eXtreme Frame
CF-NK-I3G 8 input card
CF-NK-I3G-RC 16 input connector (1 for 2 input cards)
CF-NK-O3G 8 output card
CF-NK-O3G-RC 16 output connector (1 for 2 output cards)
CF-224EX-16 Carbonite eXtreme 24 Input 16 Output 2 M/E Processing Engine
CF-224EX-48 Carbonite eXtreme 24 Input 48 Output 2 M/E Processing Engine
CF-224EX-96 Carbonite eXtreme 24 Input 96 Output 2 M/E Processing Engine
NK-3G-FRM-144-X 144×144 3G/HD/SD SDI Frame, Matrix and Controller
NK-3G144-X 144×144 3G/HD/SD Reclocking SDI Router Carbonite X
NK-3G144(128)-X 128×128 3G/HD/SD Reclocking SDI Router/CarboniteX
NK-3G144(64)-X 64×64 3G/HD/SD Reclocking SDI Router/CarboniteX
NK-3G144(96)-X 96×96 3G/HD/SD Reclocking SDI Router/CarboniteX
NK-3G144-X 144×144 3G/HD/SD Reclocking SDI Router Carbonite

Q: Are there direct replacements?
For routers, customers can choose to purchase Ultrix as well as smaller NK frames.  Switcher customers can choose alternatives from the Carbonite, Carbonite Black, Graphite or Acuity series based on their requirements.