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Free Stuff

At Ross, we know that when you are spending big bucks to upgrade a production facility you expect some added value. Here are just a few of the things we do to make sure that you have a good experience with Ross.

Production Switcher Free Stuff

Free Software – Ross Production Switchers
What’s this about Ross providing free software for the life of your production switcher? That’s right, ongoing software updates for your production switcher are provided on the Ross website and made available to all customers. This adds significant value to your initial investment over the life of the product you purchase from Ross. (Note that this does not include significant new features that may be chargeable options such as new device control interfaces). When contemplating a production switcher purchase, be sure to factor this into your cost of ownership calculations.

Control System Free Stuff

Free DashBoard Control System
Buy openGear® from any openGear® vendor and Ross gives you a free control system, downloadable from our website. The DashBoard control system is great, it auto-discovers the openGear® frames and cards in your system and provides comprehensive control and monitoring over all openGear® cards. Additional advanced functions can be added through purchasable plug-ins.

Even More Free Stuff

Free Ross Operational and Technical Advice
Any product that you purchase from Ross is covered by a lifetime telephone or email support. We will always talk to you on the phone and answer your emails on any operational or technical question that you have.