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At Ross Video, we take innovation seriously. We’re the world leader in Video Production Technology because we’re constantly looking forward. We invest over 25% of our annual revenue in research and development to continually enhance our current offerings and develop breakthrough products and technologies.

The RossCare+ program ensures that you can take advantage of these investments. Our software maintenance program ensures that you can always upgrade to the latest release, gaining access to new features.

Having a problem with your Ross product? Our world-class support team will make sure it’s fixed or replaced to get you back online as quickly as possible.

RossCare+ includes three different levels of support: Success, Advantage, and Premier:

  • RossCare+ Success | Standard lifetime support plan
  • RossCare+ Advantage | Premium support plan
  • RossCare+ Premier | Customized support plan with a la carte offerings

Extended Warranties & Software Maintenance

Protect your equipment and get access to the latest software.


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RossCare+ Support Levels

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Product Family Features

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Download the RossCare Warranty Agreement.


Ross Video has been in the business of manufacturing broadcast equipment for more than 35 years. Our products are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Ross standard warranties protect your investment and ensure you are covered should there be a problem during the initial ownership period. We also offer extended warranties across most of our product lines, that allow you to extend the standard warranty period by one year increments for either hardware or software or both.

Ross warranties stay with the product and are transferable to subsequent owners should you decide to sell your system.

Standard features of Ross Warranties include:

Free 24/7/365 Telephone support for the life of your product
Ross will always answer the phone and provide you with free technical and operational advice for the life of your Ross product whether you are in or out of the warranty period.

Free email support for the life of your product
If you prefer email, Ross is happy to provide email support at no charge for the life of your product whether you are in or out of the warranty period.

Hardware repairs are typically by module exchange
Ross products use a modular design to facilitate manufacture and repair. In most cases repairs can be made by diagnosing the fault to a module level and then exchanging that module.

Advance board exchange
When your product is under warranty and requires a new module, Ross will ship the replacement module in advance of receiving the defective module. This level of service is often only available from other manufacturers at additional cost.

Ross Warranties are Transferrable
Ross product warranties are transferrable to the new owner should you decide to sell your Ross product.

After the warranty period:

Telephone and Email Advice is Still Free
Both telephone and email advice are always available whether your Ross product is in or out of warranty.

Spare Parts
Modules and components required to repair your Ross product are available to purchase outside of the warranty period.

RossCare+ Extended Warranties
We understand exactly how critical our equipment is to the success of your production. You can’t afford down time. We also understand that repairs and upgrades to sophisticated technology can often be expensive, something you likely haven’t included in your budget. Don’t wait until you encounter a mission critical challenge. Explore the RossCare+ Extended Warranty program today. Instead of worrying about your equipment, you can focus on what you do best, creating quality

Download the RossCare Warranty Agreement.