David Ross

David Ross

Chairman of the Board & CEO


David has been surrounded by engineering, business, and video technology his entire life. 

He began programming in 1975 at the age of nine. While in high school, David won three major engineering competitions at the national level with projects involving real time programming and computer graphics. 

David graduated university with a degree in Computer Engineering with a heavy business emphasis. He also gained co-op experience at Ross, the CBC and Electrohome working on projectors and video effects units.

David joined Ross Video full time in 1991 with successively more responsibilities including product management and running the R&D department until eventually becoming president in 2004 and then CEO in 2006. David is also Chairman of the board and now the majority shareholder of Ross Video with over 80% control and ownership, while also making Ross an ESOP company with considerable employee ownership. Ross has no private equity ownership.

Ross Video’s sales have grown at a consistent cumulative rate of about 15% per year since he joined in 1991. In fact, the company has not yet seen a single down year in sales, even in recessions.

David has received many awards and honorary diplomas including an honorary doctorate from the University of Ottawa for achievements in Engineering and Business in 2017 and is a Fellow of both the Canadian Academy of Engineering and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).

A big believer in learning from others and sharing, David has been a member of CEO organizations for decades and has been a member of TEC (known as Vistage in the US) since 2011. He has even been known to listen to management books while competing in Marathon races.

Contact Info

Phone: + 1 (613) 228-0688
Email: dross@rossvideo.com