David Ross

David Ross

Chairman of the Board & CEO


David Ross is the Chairman of the board, CEO and majority owner of Ross Video.

David worked for many years as a student at Ross helping in manufacturing and product development, then graduated from Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo in 1991 when he then joined Ross full time as a Senior Development Engineer, then Engineering Manager, Director of Product Development, Executive Vice President, President, CEO, and then Chairman of the Board.

Ross Video is a family owned company and in order for David to become majority owner, according to law it had to be purchased at fair market value from the Founder, David’s father, John Ross. From 1993 until the early 2000’s Ross Video had to generate enough profit and growth to effectively buy itself to transfer ownership to David. This orientation of internally funded profitable growth has served as an excellent strategy with a streak of back to back consecutive record years reaching 27 in a row by 2018 with a consistent average annual growth of 17%. Once the transfer of ownership had taken place, the focus changed to external acquisitions and as of 2018 David and his team have successfully integrated 12 companies from around the world into Ross.

Ross Video’s unique track record of technological innovations and growth into a global company has led to David receiving many notable awards and honours including an honorary doctorate from the University of Ottawa, Ottawa’s CEO of the Year, two provincial level nominations as Entrepreneur of the Year, as well as an Emmy with his name on it.

Contact Info

Phone: + 1 (613) 228-0688
Email: dross@rossvideo.com