Douglas Johnson

Douglas Johnson

Product Manager - Servers


Douglas has been actively working in the professional television industry for over 40 years, starting as a Field Engineer in the Los Angeles, California office of Ampex Corporation in April of 1981.
In 1984, Douglas joined a new start-up company called ‘Abekas’ where he created and managed the technical support services department for Abekas in Foster City, California.

Over the next several years, his career at Abekas expanded into product management and new product development roles for several product lines, including digital video disk recorders, digital effects systems, and online video production editing systems.
In 1992, Douglas joined Accom as product manager for their digital video disk recording product line, where he managed the development and marketing of several key products with Accom.

In 2006, Douglas returned to the newly reformed, privately held ‘Abekas’ company as lead product manager for all new product development, including the instrumental ‘Mira’ production video server platform. This product later expanded into the Mira replay system—for which Douglas designed the control surface and architected the Mira Replay UX.

In September 2016, Ross Video acquired Abekas, and Douglas transitioned into the position of Senior Product Manager for the entire video server product line at Ross—which now includes Tria Production, Kiva Presentation, and Mira Replay video servers, along with the AirCleaner-2 live event protection delay product.

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