Gregory Kuh

Gregory Kuh

Sr. Content & Workflow Specialist - Global Sports & Live Events


Gregory Kuh is the Senior Content and Workflow Specialist for the Ross Sports & Live Events team. He began his broadcast career in 2005 at a Madison, Wisconsin ABC affiliate. Gregory started as a weekend Deko operator while attending college. In 2006, he became a full-time technical director at WKOW-TV and shortly after, in 2008, he accepted a role as a graphic artist, where he later assisted in the HD transition of 12 television markets.

Gregory began freelancing for Ross in 2011, where he traveled the globe working with broadcasters as well as live events and venues. He accepted a full-time position in 2013, and a year later, he helped create Ross’ in-house Creative Services team alongside Andrew Sampson. Since 2014, Gregory has worked exclusively with sports and live event clients across North America. Gregory’s portfolio includes organizations across the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, MLB as well as dozens of universities in the US. Gregory’s previous event work consists of the Academy Awards, College Football National Championship and the past four Super Bowls.

When not living at stadiums, Kuh resides in Madison, WI, with his wife, daughter and cats. When the family is together, they can be found exploring the country, hiking mountains or off-roading in their Jeep.

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