Jack Horry

Jack Horry

Product Manager - DashBoard, Interstellar, PowerPlay, Lightning


Based out of the UK, Jack is a Product Manager within the Production Workflow team at Ross Video. In this role, he is guiding the development and sales of the control system DashBoard along with its sister products the legislative solution Lightning and the event control system PowerPlay. Jack is also developing and marketing one of our newest products, Interstellar a remote production portal. Having been lucky enough to win a scholarship for college to learn all aspects of television. He started as a tape librarian; his ambition quickly put him in the center of productions as a Vision Switcher.

This role put him in the center of many productions from all genres at a large broadcaster in the UK. When a Senior Director asked Jack how the company could modernize a sports news channel, a sideline in projects and workflow formed his career alongside vision mixing. Jack pushed the craft of vision mixing and other disciplines to the limit of technology while still maintaining production integrity and enabling the most complicated production elements to be executed by all the staff.

Turning into a full-time role to help transition to APC workflows, Jack launched several projects including Sky News in the UK.
After 20 years of experience, Jack joined Ross in July 2019 as the Automation and Control Specialist as a member of the OverDrive and DashBoard product teams and has since worked with a number of teams to improve the Ross workflow journey. Jack’s is a great resource for information on Ross’s APC, NRCS, Switchers, and Graphics products.

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