Mark Sizemore

Mark Sizemore

Vice President, Hyperconverged Solutions


Mark is the Vice President, Connectivity for Ross Video.  He has been a member of the broadcast industry for more than 20+ years, initially focusing on the engineering & technology side of the business before quickly moving into senior management and marketing for a number of leading broadcast and semiconductor manufacturers including Leitch Incorporated, Harris Corporation, and Gennum/Semtech.  Over the many years, you may have seen Mark at the various industry events where he has enjoyed giving technical papers, contributing to standards development, and helping key customers with defining & executing cutting edge system deployments.

“Ross Video has given me the opportunity to rediscover the passion and excitement to really focus on making great product and doing the right thing for our customers!”

Prior to joining Ross Video, Mark initially worked with Leitch Incorporated during the early days of the digital transition as the lead digital engineer, focused on HW, FPGA, and low level SW designs.  That experience proved to be invaluable to Mark as he learned all aspects of the development process which eventually led to his becoming one of the product visionaries for the broadcast industry with pioneering contributions in technology achievements across many product categories.  This experience, combined with his strong business acumen, allowed Mark to quickly move into senior management positions, ultimately giving him the privilege of leading a strong talent pool within Ross to introduce such groundbreaking products like Ultrix, the game-changing advanced connectivity platform.

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