Martin Soukup

Martin Soukup

Vice President, Product Development


Martin Soukup joined Ross in September 2021 as the Vice President of Product Development.

He is an accomplished Technology and Cybersecurity executive with international and virtual team experience in the Media & Entertainment, SaaS, Telecommunications, and Automotive sectors. Trusted leader whose corporate background is complemented with entrepreneurial and board experience. Proven industry pioneer and thought leader with the craftsmanship to translate vision into strategy and then execute. Bringing clarity to chaos and complexity. Extensive experience managing programs that drive reinvention and transformational change and in building organizations obsessed with nurturing and maintaining customer trust.

He started programming on his Apple II, which still works, when he was 7. He has been involved in ethical hacking most of his life. Started 4 companies, worked for 4 startups, both failing and navigated successful exits. Has been an executive at global companies and has worked in French. He has mentored amazing leaders and advised some fantastic high growth companies including as coach, advisor, and board member. Still programs most days. Believes that culture really does eat strategy for lunch, and that culture fundamentally derives from the relationships between people. Every day he gets to work with great technology and great people is a good day.

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