Video Servers

Tria Servers

Tria servers are tailored for live television production environments, with a rich range of standard features to accommodate a wide range of broadcast applications.

Tria Express Servers

Tria™ Express hits the market sweet spot with its unique “three-channel” playback architecture, which features a dedicated “VKA” (video+key+audio) output channel, with two additional video+audio output channels.

BlackStorm Video Servers

As of February 2017 Ross BlackStorm playout servers have gone end of production and there is no further production of these systems. Blackstorm is now replaced by the Abekas Tria Express series of clip servers. BlackStorm will continue to receive full service support until February 2025 per the standard Ross Video 7 year service support policy.

The Abekas Tria Express series are designed using newer technologies, provides a more flexible architecture, and offers substantial feature and operational advantages over BlackStorm.


Ross video servers are designed from the ground up with rock-solid architecture, employing core video server technology designed by Abekas.