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Gideon Ferber
Director, Product mgt. and business development

Executive Summary

A benefit of using virtual production technology is that modest studio spaces can be made to look much larger and more impressive, and set design can be quickly and easily changed for different applications. With this flexibility, comes the demand to make virtual sets look much more natural and convincing.

Frontier is a video gaming engine capable of photorealistic scenery and works in Virtual Studio environments for virtual sets and augmented reality.

UX VCC controls the tracking data, UX controls positioning and scaling of elements, texture routing, and event triggering.

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  • Enables creation of even the most complex graphical elements quickly, easily, and with unprecedented realism
  • Offers designers incredible levels of creative freedom combined with hyper-realistic rendering quality
  • Achieves realistic looks with greater accuracy than ever before

Combine the Best

  • Incorporates a highly advanced video gaming engine now optimized to work in virtual studio environments
  • Works simultaneously with XPression for flexible and dynamic production
  • Uses the UX application as an operator-friendly front end, so operators are not required to learn new platforms
  • Supports customization, flexibility, and scalability in terms of number of cameras and number of graphic engines through the integration of the UX and UX VCC applications

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  • Uses the cutting edge Unreal gaming engine, from Epic Games, as the render engine
  • Offers state-of-the-art features such as particle systems, dynamic textures, live reflections and shadows and even collision detection
  • Provides superior high realism scenery with effects such as rain drops and fire, live shadows and reflections, lens flares, and dynamic highlights