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Gideon Ferber
Director, Product mgt. and business development

Executive Summary

Trackless virtual systems are all-in-one engines that require no external action on the part of the camera in order to create movement. They use a stationary physical camera, with all the camera movement being done within the graphics engine. This eliminates the need for physical tracking equipment.

Trackless Studio is an all-in-one virtual production tool that fits almost any budget. Built on the XPression Real-Time Motion Graphics System with an intuitive purpose-built interface, Trackless Studio leverages Ross Video’s years of experience with virtual sets and augmented reality to bring quality virtual sets to even the most basic productions.

Save on Costs

  • Uses stationary cameras, virtual camera moves, to achieve the same high-quality virtual sets as tracked implementations
  • Requires no tracking hardware or software
  • Delivers on the core financial benefits of going virtual
  • Provides a different approach to production that matches budget and studio real estate constraints
  • Adds production value to other content cost-effectively

Make it Small

  • Needs only a small studio space or even a portable green screen
  • Performs all camera moves virtually inside of the XPression scene, eliminating the need for a large studio space
  • Deploys as a one-box solution that runs on XPression BlueBox or Studio
  • Includes Multiple virtual cameras, internal chroma key, live inputs, clips, stills, and 3D graphics
  • Enables taking a studio on the road with a portable green screen and light kit

Put it Together

  • Operates with an Intuitive Interface designed specifically for trackless virtual sets
  • Integrates easily with other Ross products
  • Supports several methods of remote control including from touchscreen, keyboard, X-Keys controller, Carbonite, DashBoard, and web browser
  • Ships with 6 stock virtual sets
  • Enables positioning of talent in different parts of the set for different show segments without them ever moving off of their marks