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Gideon Ferber
Director, Product mgt. and business development

Executive Summary

UX Xperience is the control center for virtual solutions.

UX is highly flexible and customizable with an easy-to-use intuitive touchscreen graphical user interface. The application provides seamless integration with tracking systems and real-time 3D rendering engines such as XPression and Frontier. It comes installed on a touchscreen PC for virtual set camera calibration, scene manipulation, media replacement, event triggering, animation control, robotic camera move control and more.

Manage the Flow

  • Provides calibration and operation in a single user interface
  • Controls and synchronizes multiple graphics rendering engines
  • Manages incoming tracking data feeds

Keep on Track

  • Supports most tracking devices and protocols from various suppliers
  • Permits a mix-and-match approach of tracking devices based on user’s production needs
  • Offers easy loading of pre-saved configuration

Control the Moves

  • Provides full control of objects in real time from the interface
  • Handles last second changes
  • Includes the ability for events to trigger animations, camera moves, material assignments. and more
  • Offers easy operation for operators of all levels