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Today, Ross Video announces that it will showcase XPression Maps, a powerful new broadcast mapping solution at IBC 2014.

Today, Ross Video announces its plans to release XPression Telestrate, a next-generation telestration tool for live sports and other types of on-screen analysis at IBC 2014.

Today, Ross Video announces a new addition to the XPression product line at IBC 2014 with XPression Touch Factory, an intuitive tool that allows television producers to build interactive touchscreen presentations using dazzling real-time 3D graphics from Ross XPression.

 Today, Ross Video announces changes and additions to their XPression channel branding offerings for IBC 2014.

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XPression Overview

Power. Simplicity. Affordability.
Welcome to the next-generation of real-time 3D graphics platforms. The Ross XPression Real-Time Motion Graphics System provides users with the power, simplicity, and affordability that they've been wanting for years. Built to create high-end 3D graphics and animations, XPression also fully supports existing 2D workflows that use still images and rendered animation clips. XPression is perfect for almost any application with multiple editions and comprehensive workflow tools that make it the most scalable solution on the market.

Not Just a CG
XPression generates beautiful 2D & 3D text in any language, but that's only part of XPression's true power. Riding the wave of today's fastest gaming technology, XPression offers cutting edge real-time 3D rendering with instant recall for the most demanding LIVE productions. Import 3D models, then add animation, lighting, texture mapping, reflection mapping and more. Combine real-time XPression animations with rendered animation clips and audio files, frame-accurately, in XPression's Scene Director for the most production power possible.

It's Not Rocket Science Anymore
Breathtaking graphics and animations aren't very practical, if it takes someone with an engineering degree to create them. From the beginning, XPression has been designed to be accessible to the operator and designer, using familiar paradigms and workflows to make the transition to a new platform practically painless. Cost-of-ownership is crucial in today's economy, and XPression's intuitive interface, combined with short learning curve help to reduce training costs and avoid expensive outside services.

The Swiss Army Knife of Graphics
Whether you need graphics for news, sports, entertainment, branding, information channels, virtual sets, or augmented reality there's an XPression edition that's right for you. Six XPression hardware and software editions allow users to tailor the solution to their specific needs. XPression isn't just an island either. A wide selection of workflow tools connect XPression to multiple environments within a facility or across an enterprise. In addition, tight integration with other Ross products, and a growing community of 3rd-party companies provide complete solutions to our customers.

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