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Latest openGear® News

Ross Video continues the expansion of the their openGear product portfolio at IBC with a new line of 3G Distribution Amplifiers (DAs), Gigabit Ethernet over Fiber Transceivers as well as new openGear 3G Audio Multiplexing and Demultiplexing (Mux/Demux) solutions starting at only $995.00

Launched in 2012, the MC1 gets new features at NAB 2013 including on-air 2D squeeze back, voice over audio mixing and new EAS interfaces along with other enhancements

Ross Video, the company behind the openGear standard will launch openGear 3.0 at NAB 2013. The 3rd generation of this fast growing platform consists of a new powerful frame and companion control system -DashBoard 6 with panel builder
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openGear® Overview

Ross Video is pleased to lead the industry with the open architecture, openGear® platform standard. openGear® provides the industry with the most flexible and advanced signal processing possible with the opportunity to select products from a wide range of technology leaders, all in one platform under one control system.

  • Choices with best in class products
  • Wide portfolio from industry leading manufactures
  • One Control System!
  • No longer a need for multiple frame standards
  • No longer single sourced for solutions
  • Designed by Ross Video

openGear Configurator Tool Launch

OG3 Series Frames

Superior flexibility, power and control from the 3rd generation of the openGear® platform. The broadcast world's first and only open-hardware platform, and your platform of choice for your broadcast infrastructure needs.

DashBoard Control & Monitoring

Take control of your Gear with the TCP / IP based, DashBoard Control and Monitoring application.

  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Java based application
  • Automatic discovery of frames and devices
  • Practical real time control
  • Alarm reporting
  • Multiple frames on a single control network
  • Multiple DashBoard applications on a single control network
  • TCP / IP based communication
  • In field upgradability of devices
  • Multi-vendor control


SNMP allows you to incorporate openGear® into a system wide SNMP monitoring application.

  • Direct to the Frame (no Gateway required)
  • Runs on a separate software port to DashBoard
  • Software option (on MFC-8322-N) field upgradeable
  • MIB’s (Management Information Base) posted on Ross Video website