One card for all your display conversion needs

A low-latency UHD SDI to HDMI converter card for openGear

SHC-8932-F is a robust, low-latency UHD SDI to HDMI converter card for openGear. It supports HD / 3G / 6G / 12G-SDI copper and fiber inputs with HDMI 2.0b outputs, complete with HDR10 metadata authoring and full framerate UHD resolution. The card includes other value-add features including redundant optics and audio shuffling, with full setup and monitoring through DashBoard.

SHC-8932-F is an ideal choice for driving studio displays and LED monitor walls, offering the flexibility of both copper and fiber interfaces. As an openGear solution, it is a high-density and robust addition to your infrastructure. It’s also available and shipping now.


Easily convert from SDI to HDMI in your most demanding studio or display environments. A single card supports HD / 3G / 6G / 12G-SDI conversion from either traditional copper coax or fiber inputs. The output supports HDMI 2.0b with full support for full framerate UHD and can power most active long-reach HDMI cables. HDR is masterfully handled with seamless translation from ST352 metadata or manual override.



Built on the rock-solid openGear platform, SHC-8932-F offers reliability you can trust, plus added features like solid HDMI cable retainers ensure your platform is solid. It includes copper and redundant fiber inputs to protect against upstream link loss. This is one card to ensure your display won’t go down.



Installations with many displays can become a handful to configure, monitor and troubleshoot. SHC-8932-F is a high-density solution, supporting up to 20 displays in a single openGear frame. Configuration and monitoring is achieved through a centralized DashBoard control interface. Keep a handle on your display conversion without running around to separate boxes.


  • Low latency HD/3G/UHD SDI to HDMI 2.0b conversion
  • Can be provisioned with redundant fiber inputs per channel using SFP-FIBER-12G-2R dual fiber receiver for diverse path fiber and source failover protection
  • Relocked coaxial SDI output with support up to UHD
  • 2SI gearbox to allow multiple synchronous 1080p signals to be transported over a single link UHD for simplified cabling and fiber savings
  • Broad format support
  • SDI to HDMI audio mapping
  • Automatic HDR10 metadata generation with manual override
  • Robust HDMI cable retainers provide strain relief and a secure connection
  • 300mA Cable Power to support active HDMI cables
  • High density, 2-slot openGear card fitting OG3 and OGX frames for up to 20 conversion channels per frame
  • Hot -swappable from the front of the frame without de-cabling any fiber or coax connections
  • 5-year transferrable warranty


Video Format Support 720p @ 50/59.94

1080i @ 50/59.94

1080p @ 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60

2160p @ 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60

Video Encoding 10-bit SMPTE 4:2:2 Full level
Power Consumption 5W
Environmental 0-40⁰C operational
Physical Compatible with openGear OG3 and OGX-series frames, 2-slot rear module
SDI Inputs
Connectors 2 x HDBNC (One per conversion path)
Input Standards HD-SDI (1.5Gb/s): >180m

3G-SDI (3Gb/s): >150m

6G-SDI (6Gb/s): >70m

12G-SDI (12Gb/s): >50m

Cable Equalization HD-SDI (1.5Gb/s): >180m

3G-SDI (3Gb/s): >150m

6G-SDI (6Gb/s): >70m

12G-SDI (12Gb/s): >50m

Return Loss Compliant to ST 292M, ST 424M, ST 2081, ST 2082
SDI Outputs
Connectors 2 x HDBNC (One per conversion path)
Jitter Compliant to ST 292M, ST 424M, ST 2081, ST 2082
HDMI Outputs
Connectors 2 x HDMI 2.0b (One per conversion path), Type A with cable strain releif and retainer
Cable Power 5VDC up to 300mA per interface (per HDMI 2.0b)
Metadata HDR10 Infoframe generation per CTA-8613.3 and HDMI 2.0b


Colorimetry: ITU-R.709 / 2020

MaxCLL, MaxFALL, Mastering Level

Passthru of ST 352 EOTF/Colorimetry to HDMI Inforframe

Audio 8 Channel

48kHz @ 24 bit

Audio shuffling

SFP Receivers

SFP-FIBER-12G-2R, SFP-FIBER-12G-1R 12G Fiber Receivers
Connector LC/UPC
Number of inputs SFP-FIBER-12G-1R: 1


Receiver Wavelength 1260nm-1580nm
Receiver Type PIN
Receiver Optical Sensitivity
(Pathological Signal)
-11dBm @ 12Gb/s
-15dBm @ 3Gb/s
Receiver Maximum Input 0dBm

Flexible I/O

The SHC-8932-F can accept either 12G-SDI or Fiber. Fiber interfaces offer redundant inputs for automatic changover should the primary link fail. Signal is provided on both SDI and HDMI outputs.

Gearbox to Simplify Interconnect

The SHC-8932-F can leverage the high capacity of 12G-SDI to support up to 4 displays on a single link. Utilizing the SDI output to cascade multiple channels, the SHC-8932-F can decode each 1080p subframe independently. This allows multiple remote displays to be driven with less cable of fiber interconnect.

Pair with the SFC-6901

The SFC-6901 may be used as a fiber transmitter to convey up to 4 x HD/3G or 1 x UHD signal over fiber, with the SFC-6901 as the receiver and converter to HDMI.  As shown, the SFC-6901 2SI gearbox is used to conserve fiber by combining 4 x synchronous 1080p signals to a single 12G link.

SHC-8932-F is compatible with openGear OG3 and OGX-series frames only and occupies 2 slots.

Fiber connectivity requires optional SFP modules. One SFP module per channel is required. Dual-channel SFP offers primary+redundant fiber connection per channel allowing failover switching; single-channel SFPs support primary fiber connection only.


Dual-Channel SDI / Fiber to HDMI 2.0b Converter
View rear module
SFP-FIBER-12G-2R Dual (primary+redundant) 12G Fiber receiver (Single-mode fiber)
One SFP per channel
SFP-FIBER-12G-1R Single (primary only) 12G Fiber receiver (Single-mode fiber)
One SFP per channel
openGear SHC-8932-F Manual Download
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