oGx Frame

The Foundation of openGear

oGx, the fourth-generation openGear modular frame from Ross embraces intelligent design, robust control, and unparalleled reliability.  oGx reflects decades of broadcast expertise, offering an intuitive front panel, resilient power management and a vast ecosystem of openGear products. Every aspect of oGx is designed to meet the evolving demands of 24/7 broadcast and production operations. Explore the myriad features and discover how oGx seamlessly integrates the broader openGear universe.

  • Colour code your rack room by function, air chain, or whatever works for you! > Flash to identify frame for set-up.
  • 2RU frame houses up to 20 openGear® cards.
  • Robust 600 watt redundant power supply with integral cooling.
  • Front LCD display for name, IP address and fault identification.
  • FrameGlow RGB LED bar, configurable from DashBoard.
    • Color code frames by function, air chain or other criteria.
    • Provide a clear indication of alarm presence.
    • Set to flash to quickly identify a specific frame.
  • Signal and format agnostic – supports any mix of analog, digital, video, audio, SDI and IP modules in the same frame.
  • Removable front door for easy fan servicing.
  • Easily removable air filter for periodic maintenance.
  • Standard DashBoard control system for setup, control and monitoring.
  • Optional SNMP control and monitoring.
  • DataSafe card backup and restore.

A standard feature of the oGx’s advanced network controller, DataSafe is your safeguard against downtime. Whenever an openGear module is replaced, this ingenious feature performs an automatic restoration of all settings, thanks to the parameters stored on the frame’s local network card. Considering some cards can contain over 100 parameters, from audio channel delays to video proc levels, DataSafe eliminates guesswork and tedious manual reconfiguration. You can toggle DataSafe on or off for individual slots via the frame’s network controller card using DashBoard. Plus, its smart design ensures parameter restoration only when a compatible replacement product is detected.

oGx’s advanced network controller may optionally be equipped with SNMP.  This direct support means there is no need for any external gateways.  Additionally, SNMP runs on a separate software port allowing for simultaneous control from both DashBoard and SNMP clients. This is especially useful in applications, for example, where system wide monitoring is performed using SNMP and real-time control is performed using DashBoard.

Frame controllers provide a single point of Ethernet access to communicate with DashBoard-capable openGear modules in an oGx frame, as well as monitor and control the frame itself. As with other cards in the frame, the frame controller is a hot-swappable card/module.

Basic openGear Controller
Provides a 10/100 Ethernet connection for a single DashBoard client.
Compatible with most cards but ideal for ones with limited sets of controls and monitoring parameters such as distribution and switching products.
An affordable option, perfect for “set-and-forget” scenarios like bulk distribution amplifiers.
Advanced openGear Controller
Features GigE connectivity for both external networks and in-frame cards.
Supports multiple DashBoard client connections concurrently.
Offers DataSafe and optional SNMP functionalities.
Essential for advanced openGear cards with extensive controls, including the Gator series, MC1-UHD, and AMX-8952 audio products.
Ordering Code Description
OGX Frame, includes advanced frame controller and one power supply
OGX Frame, includes advanced frame controller, SNMP pre-installed and one power supply
OGX Frame, includes basic frame controller and one power supply
Redundant or spare power supply for OGX-FR-Cx
Advanced frame controller card for OGX-FR-Cx
Adds SNMP to MFC-OGX-N advanced network frame controller
Rear support brackets for applications such as mobile where extra support is needed



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