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BlackBird Elevation Systems

Blackbird Pedestal with Furio SE lift

At A Glance

Our BlackBird PTL Pedestals add robotic elevation and pan-and-tilt capabilities to your stationary cameras. All functions can be controlled remotely, including your camera controls — letting you create and perfectly repeat dynamic moving shots.

Our revolutionary BlackBird base provides a smooth, ultra-stable platform for both the 2-stage S2 and C2 Lifts, and the 3-stage SE Lift, with either our X350, a 600PT or VR-series head.

More Shots

Adds smooth vertical movement to on-air shots, along with the flexibility to remotely vary the height of the camera, making it perfect for automated production environments.

Fills the Gap

Provides a cost-effective alternative to dolly and free-roaming systems, with greater flexibility and efficiency than a fully manual tripod.

Perfectly Stable

BlackBird base provides a solid, stable foundation for on-air camera moves, while ensuring accurate and repeatable shot recalls.

Easy Glider

Ultra-stable platform allows the system to be safely moved around the studio, even at maximum payload and full extension – without risk of injury or damage to equipment due to tipping.

Common Spares

Same spare electronics module can be used for SE Dolly, SkyDolly and BlackBird pedestal.

Powered by MotionDirector

The S2/SE models use MotionDirector for smooth, synchronized key-frame moves with the flexibility to make in-flight manual corrections from the joystick panel. Create repeatable signature shots by recording manual joystick movements over keyframed moves.



BlackBird C2

Our entry-level system, the C-Series BlackBird 600PTL is based on the C2, 2-stage lift, and provides our most cost-effective robotic elevation solution. Featuring the CamBot 600PT head with proprietary anti-backlash technology, it delivers an industry-leading 57 kgs / 125 lbs payload capacity and an unbeatable combination of smooth and accurate movements at a very competitive price.

BlackBird SE or S2

The S-Series BlackBird adds several convenience and safety features, enabled by an advanced, field-replaceable electronics module that is based on the same design used in the Furio SE dolly. In addition, all S-Series models output accurate and reliable Virtual Tracking data for virtual and augmented reality, and include laser alignment aids to ensure the base is accurately positioned on floor.

S-Series BlackBirds are available with two choices of lifts: the S2, 2-stage lift that is based on CamBot S2 lifts, and the top of line, 3-stage carbon fiber SE Lift that delivers dramatic increases in both maximum height and elevation range. These can be mated with either the X350 or VR600 head depending on payload requirements.


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