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Draw Fans Deeper Into The Game

With powerful Sports Broadcast solutions from Ross, be sure to capture every moment of the action and tell a more compelling story for viewers.

Our technology and workflows for on-location mobile truck sports broadcast productions serve up unparalleled efficiency, control, and reliability and are trusted by the biggest names in sports presentation.


Game Production Solutions

Streamline Your Setup

Live sports broadcasting translates into hard deadlines. Reliable hardware and software are essential to the production process.

  • Minimize setup time with our Hyperconverged FR12 Ultrix Acuity switcher and router.
  • Scale your needs on-site within minutes by adding multi-viewer and frame sync licenses.
  • Rebrand your entire graphics package within seconds by simply clicking a few buttons on the XPression motion graphics engine.

Control, Control, Control

Our technology is tightly integrated using our proprietary RossTalk control protocol, paving the way for seamless connectivity and control of your suite of Ross devices, including:

  • Ultrix routers
  • Carbonite production switchers
  • XPression graphics
  • Furio robotic camera systems
  • Mira replay systems
  • Kiva presentation servers
  • and a host of third-party products

Proven Workflows

Don’t do it alone! Collaboration, training, and execution are at the forefront of every Ross deployment. Let our certified workflow specialists assist your team with creating a custom workflow that fits your production.

End to End Solution

Product Line-up


Mid-size Production Switcher

  • 1ME- 3MEs + 4 MiniME
  • Big switcher power in a mid sized design
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Extensive Device control
  • Dashboard Menu control
  • Easy to use Custom Controls for building and executing complex effects


Real-time Graphics

  • Real time Direct to air 3D graphics
  • Full Data integration from a wide variety of data sources
  • Easy to build highly complex graphics
  • Integrated Video playback engine
  • Great for: Insert Graphics, Spot box, Bug Box, Telestration, and Virtual Production

Mira+ | Tria+

Replay and Video Server

Mira + Replay

  • Robust Replay server
  • Multiple operators on a single server
  • Easily trade content between servers

Tria +

  • Robust Video playout and record
  • Native Video + Key playback for Spot Box like functionality



  • 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD & IP Routing in the same Chassis
  • Full audio Mux/Dmux on all SDI I/O with full MADI
  • Integration and channel shuffling
  • Software defined MultiViewers and frame syncs
  • Clean switch on every output
  • Compact, Robust design


Custom Control Software

  • Free software for Mac, PC and Linux
  • Control and monitoring for all Ross devices
  • Build custom panels for: simple operation, separating out operation, Data driven panels such as advanced stats and Bug operations


Sports Analysis

  • Broadcast | Live | Club Versions
  • Sports Analysis tool
  • Covers over 20 Sports
  • Touch & iPad Integration
  • Wide range of Analysis Effects
  • Custom Branding and Graphics
  • Augmented Reality Engine

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