At Ross Video, we take innovation seriously. We’re the world leader in Video Production Technology because we’re constantly looking forward. We invest over 25% of our annual revenue in research and development to continually enhance our current offerings and develop breakthrough products and technologies.

The RossCare+ program ensures that you can take advantage of these investments. Our software maintenance program ensures that you can always upgrade to the latest release, gaining access to new features.

Having a problem with your Ross product? Our world-class support team will make sure it’s fixed or replaced to get you back online as quickly as possible.

RossCare+ includes three different levels of support: Success, Advantage, and Premier:

  • RossCare+ Success | Standard lifetime support plan
  • RossCare+ Advantage | Premium support plan
  • RossCare+ Premier | Customized support plan with a la carte offerings


Extended Warranties & Software Maintenance

Protect your equipment and get access to the latest software.

RossCare+ Support Levels

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Product Family

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