Live Production

Video Servers

Ross Video Servers are purpose-built to deliver high quality, reliable, and flexible live production solutions. They are designed to meet the demanding requirements of live production workflows.

Production Video Servers

Tria Production video servers provide unrivaled reliability, speed, and flexibility that is essential for delivering quality video content to your audience. From intimate worship and educational environments to national broadcast, live sports, and corporate communications, there is a Tria solution to underpin productions of any size and budget.

Presentation Video Servers

Our Kiva Presentation Video Servers are highly intuitive, user-driven digital media playout solutions built for the high-speed, high-stakes demands of live sports and entertainment. Kiva is sure to elevate any live production to the next level.

Replay Systems

Our Mira Replay systems meet the critical requirements of reliability, instant responsiveness, superior image quality, and interoperability within live production workflows. Mira+ is our top-of-the-line system, while Mira Express delivers incredible economic value to small and mid-tier productions.

Media I/O

Media I/O is an award-winning, capture and playout solution supporting baseband and network signals such as SDI and NDI while transcoding them live for fast integration into postproduction, media management, and delivery workflows. Media I/O offers support for a greater number of input sources, workflows, and formats than any other live recording solution on the market.

Other Video Playback

XPression Clips

For more complete clip server functionality within XPression, XPression Clips or the Clip Server Option for XPression Studio give you a full database to browse, catalog, and output clips directly to air, on any channel or layer.

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