Extended Reality Solutions (XR)

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Real-World XR LED Studio

Ross Video offers complete XR virtual LED studio solutions that combine LED backdrops, set extensions, AR foreground elements, best-in-class studio control, and proven workflows. Our rendering platform, Voyager XR, is powered by Epic Games’ Unreal engine and Nvidia’s professional Quadro series graphics cards, providing unprecedented rendering quality and performance. Coupled with Lucid Studio, Ross Video’s virtual production control software, everything you need to produce state-of-the-art virtual productions is at your fingertips in an intuitive interface.

Immersive Production

Ross Video’s XR virtual LED studio solutions enable on-set talent to see the virtual environment they are performing in. This improves talent performance and confidence while reducing the time needed for rehearsals.

Cost Savings and Flexibility

XR virtual LED studio solutions can result in significant cost savings by reducing the need to maintain physical sets and shoot on location.

Complete End-to-End Solution

Ross Video is the only provider of complete end-to-end XR virtual LED studio solutions, including Ross Video’s new D3 line of LED volumes and processors. Our solution integrates with Furio and CamBot robotic camera systems, XPression real-time motion graphics, production switchers, Ultrix routers, and more.


Extended Reality Solutions

Ross provides the rendering platform and control system that allows you to prepare, manage and control extended reality productions throughout every stage of development.

XR (Virtual LED)

Take your photorealistic virtual sets to the next level without the complexity of green screens.

Full Solution from Ross Video
Ross Video is the only technology provider that can offer all the components of your XR workflow.
XR Control at Your Fingertips
Leverage the flexibility of Lucid Studio, a customizable control solution for all your virtual production needs.

XR+ (XR combined with AR)

Create a truly immersive environment by extending the physical space into the virtual world.

The Best and Most Flexible Control Solution
Calibrate your system and manage your pre-production by pre-configuring your 3D objects. Take full control of your production – live.
A Fully Integrated Workflow
Whether you need multi-cam workflows, delay management, or integration with production switchers and robotics, Ross Video has you covered!

D3 LED Volumes

D3 offers best-in-class LED solutions for the most spectacular viewing experience.

Innovative LED Solutions
First to market with IP data. Fully integrated LED processor. Wide range of products serving multiple verticals and applications.
LED Processors That Make Your Pixels Stand Out
An LED volume is nothing without a processor that will give the sharpest images and the most realistic color palettes.

End to End Solution

Ross provides the rendering platform and control system that allows you to prepare, manage and control extended reality productions throughout every stage of development.

Product Line-up


Virtual Production Platform

  • Full Virtual Control & Calibration Platform
  • Lens Curve Library & Creation Tool
  • Object, Still, Video & Live Input Control
  • Event Macros
  • Color Correction
  • Visual Logic
  • MOS Protocol & RossTalk Support


Unreal-powered Graphics Engine

  • Unreal Live Production Render Engine
  • HD / UHD
  • 12G & IP Workflows
  • Display via Displayport & Quadro Sync
  • Dynamic Data Integration
  • Virtual Camera Moves
  • Fully Integrates with Lucid


High Quality LED Display Solutions

  • Superior Color Reproduction
  • Unique Per Surface Face Control on One LED Processor
  • IP Connections
  • Enterprise Control System
  • Variety of Pixel Pitches
  • Redundant Interlinks

Cambot | Furio

Robotic Camera Systems


  • Tracking PT Heads, Lifts, and Dolly Systems


  • Heavy Duty Robust XY Pedestals with Tracking Data


  • Tracking Data Module for Encoded Tripods and Lenses


Production Switcher

  • SD / HD / 3G / 12G
  • 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60 hz support (1080 & UHD formats)
  • GPI Triggers & Rosstalk Support
  • DashBoard Support
  • Input Delay / Format Conversion / Color Correction & Proc Amp

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